Top iPhone Apps to Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Wondering how to keep your health intact in this digital world? With the growing number of mobile apps and various Smartphone platforms, it is quite simple. To keep a regular check of your health, weight gain, calorie intake, cardiac monitoring and much more, health apps can be handy.

Here is a list of top iPhone apps to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle:



Cardiio, as the name suggests is an app designed to monitor the pulse readings accurately. One of the best features about the app is that the user can monitor real-time heart rate without the use of any external devices and that too on a regular basis. The app utilizes the front camera to make the readings. The app provides some great features like – user-friendly interface, personalized dashboard, Fitness level ratings, and more. With the help of the app, you can estimate on the amount of required fitness and keep a track of your health.


Pocket Yoga 

Yoga has always been a key strategy for fitness and Pocket Yoga is the perfect app to help you practice this fitness form. The app comes with a combination about 27 sessions with various levels, practices, and durations.  The app comes with some great features like – Detailed voice and visual instruction guides, more than 150 postures, instructions from experienced instructors, AirPlay and TV out support, etc.



Fooducate gives you a complete idea about the food you eat, and how to shed those extra pounds, and above all, provides you with the largest product database with over 200000 products. The app lets you track calorie quality, nutrition grades, food product pros and cons, product analysis and much more. With the help of the application, the user can choose healthy alternatives and track all details regarding food for a healthy living.



The RunKeeper is your personalized fitness trainer, who can help you track jogging, walks, bike rides, and hikes, with the GPS in your device. The app helps you to measure your fitness performance on a regular basis, view history of activities, progress charts, and much more. One of the best features of RunKeeper is that it helps you to integrate your data with over 70 different applications to gain a complete health check.


Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Apart from the exercise or calorie checking, yet another important factor is your sleep pattern that can influence your health. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock keeps a detailed sleep analysis, sleep notes, high quality alarm and much more. The app has been rated as the best app in various countries and has been designed based on sleep science and various research.


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