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Purchasing a brand new television for home entertainment isn’t like buying a new phone. This particular piece of technological equipment is something that you’re likely to use with your family for years to come – meaning that finding the ideal option for your budget and preferences is crucial.

The same applies to people who are planning on surprising that special someone in their lives with a television set for the holiday season. Often times, the winter months can deliver a wide range of incredible deals for home electronics, meaning that you can give a huge gift, for much less – so long as you know what to look for.

The decision of which television is right for you will depend on a number of factors – including screen size, smart capabilities, features, and image. Following are just some of the most technologically advanced televisions available in 2015, for those of you who have a true love for the world of media.

  1. New Smart TVs

Today, there are numerous smart TVs available on the market that offer you new tricks and fun advantages that you would never have gotten from your set only five years ago. For example, the latest LG smart TVs come with webOS – a system that allows you to organize all of the different applications that you might use on a regular basis, while giving you the opportunity to shift through menus with lightning speed.

Rather than having to spend forever moving through different pages, webOS organizes all of your pertinent input options and popular destinations into a stream of tiles towards the bottom of the screen. This means when you are watching your favorite shows (The Good Wife, 24, Better Call Saul, The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Shield, The Walking Dead, and so on) becomes a whole lot simpler.

  1. Ultra 4K HD TVs

For those who have an eye tuned into the finer things in life, there’s nothing quite as appealing as a fully HD, 4K television, which leverages the color and brightness technology required to take picture quality to a brand new level. For instance, the Samsung UE65JS9500 offers immense advantages in picture quality, and while you’ll need HD channels to see the TV at its top performance, you’ll still get incredible results, regardless of the source.

  1. Extra Large TVs

Finally, the top technology for people who think that size matters comes in the form of televisions like the LG 55EG960V. This is a television that not only offers 4K picture quality, but also delivers it in huge sizes starting at 50 to 55-inches. Not only will the HD image leave you mesmerized, but the size will ensure that you feel completely immersed in the program or show that you’re watching. This is so much so that you might jump every time you hear a loud noise coming from your surround sound speakers!

Watching one of those incredible Transformer movies and this could happen.

How to Enhance these Technological TVs

So what comes next after you’ve got the television set of your dreams? Or bought an ideal solution for someone’s holiday gift – the answer is more advancements. For example, you can improve your entertainment experience immensely by investing in a set of surround-sound speakers, for incredible audio quality and an immersive experience. If you don’t like the idea of having speakers mounted across your walls, then you can always choose a sound bar instead.

On top of that, why not expand your options with more channels and more available shows than ever before? There’s plenty of info today to help you install brand new packages and get the most out of the media available to you.

If the person you were hoping to buy for this holiday season already has an incredible television and surround sound system installed at home, why not offer them a new form of entertainment in the form of a brand new video game system? The latest in video game solutions offer better graphics, better response, and better experiences than ever before, making them an ideal gift option for the child that lives within all of us.

When it comes to accessing incredible entertainment at home, there’s nothing quite like an amazing television set to offer you and your family a bonding opportunity – and a way to get involved in the action. Check out your local holiday deals this year. You could find out more about whether to go cable or not with your brand new TV.


We’ve updated this post to reflect on how the TV landscape has changed over the last four years. Check out the nine best TV from 2019:

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