Upgrade your Security and privacy with Palm Vein Technology

Palm Vein Technology

What is Palm Vein Technology?

Palm Vein Technology is the vascular technology that uses the biometric identification by analysis of the veins of the palm of the human being. The biometric identification is able to identify someone with maximum accuracy by using biological characteristics of the human body. This technology is highly secure and prevent unauthorized access. This is very accurate technology because in Vein Identification the image recognition and optical technology are used to scan vein pattern of the palm, fingers, and back of the palm.

In this technology the palm is used as the password. The veins present in the palm are scanned and verified. This technology has a high level of authentication accuracy due to the uniqueness and complexity of the veins.

Why biometric?

  1. It offers most security concern.
  2. It is replacing passwords that are very easy to hack
  3. Recognize someone through its physiological characteristics.

How it Works

First, Infra-red like rays pass through the palm. These rays are reflected by the hemoglobin present in the blood vessels. These blood vessels contain oxygenated hemoglobin which does not absorb the infrared like ray. Now the image of the Palm is captured by the CCD Camera present behind a transparent surface. Now this image is converted into data points by some algorithms. Now this data is compressed, encrypted and stored.

Now whenever the palm is placed on that sensor, the stored image is compared with the other. If the match is found then access is provided otherwise the access is denied.

The technology is not harmful because the infra-red like rays are sun’s component, that are not harmful compared to direct sunrays.

Palm Vein Technology

There are two methods for capturing the image of the palm.

  1. Reflection : This is beneficial at low temperature because the flow of the blood decreases at low temperature. In this method, the illuminating device and capturing device can be combined due to same direction.
  2. Transmission : this is beneficial at high temperature as at low temperature it provides low contrast images. In this method both the device should be separate because they both have the different direction.

Contactless Authentication:

In this method the illumination around the sensor controls the infra-red like rays. Then according to movement and position of the palm, the image is captured. This method is very useful if high levels of the hygiene is required.

Benefits :

  1. Solve the problem of password forget
  2. Economical
  3. High Security
  4. One time registry and life long use
  5. Fast and easy enroll
  6. Use of encryption
  7. Advance authentication

Disadvantage :

  1. Not good for PH handicapped.
  2. Expensive
  3. Invasive due to creation of fear.

Application :

  1. Used for security systems
  2. Log-in Control
  3. Healthcare for ID verification
  4. Financial Services like ATM, banks etc

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