Siri is Now Asking Users to Teach it the Proper Pronunciations of Names




9to5Mac (via 9to5Mac reader RY) that Siri is now asking users to teach it the proper pronunciations of names in your contact.

Previously, users had to add names in the phonetic spelling section in their Contacts settings to help Siri with her pronunciations. However, in iOS 7 Beta 1 – Siri will ask the user for assistance in pronouncing a name if it has trouble understanding you the first time you pronounce a name, the report explains.

“In addition, we have found that you can simply say, “That’s not how you pronounce [any name]” and Siri will go through the learning process,” Scott Buscemi writes for 9to5Mac. “In that phase, it will ask you to say the name then present a few options of how it thinks you said it. Once you choose an option, it will save and always (try to) correctly pronounce the name.”

It’s great to see Siri is taking the initiative to learn new things. This bodes well for the future of your – “Humble Personal Assistant.”
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