New Photos of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on Display


Today we have alleged photos of the Champagne color iPhone 5S lined up with the Black and Silver iPhone. Based on the photos, the new color on the iPhone appears more “Champagne” rather than  “Gold.” It’s also apparent that the Black and Silver iPhones depicted in the photos are the iPhone 5 and not the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S is expected to feature  an oblong shaped dual-LED Flash, which will improve photograph in low light conditions. This feature will also distinguish it from the iPhone 5 to the casual observer, since the iPhone 5S is expected to sport the same physical design as the iPhone 5.


Apple is widely expected to unveil two new versions of the iPhone at a special event on September 10. The addition of the Champagne color to the iPhone 5S line up along with the multi-colored polycarbonate low cost iPhones are indications that Apple is looking to boost their smartphone market share.  It has been reported that the Champagne color iPhone is likely to sell very well in countries such as China and India. Additionally, a low cost iPhone will significantly improve Apple’s market share in China, which is currently dominated by local vendors with cheaper smartphones.




Finally, we have purported images of the iPhone 5C fully assembled with front panel.

White iPhone 5C_2

White iPhone 5C

Blue iPhone 5C_1

The folks in Asia are turning out to be Tim Cook’s and Jony Ive’s worst nightmare when it comes to leaks.

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