New Photos of Gunmetal iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 Rear Enclosures


New Photos of Gunmetal iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 Rear Enclosures

Yesterday we published photos of the purported SIM card tray belonging to a “Gunmetal” gray or “Graphite” color iPhone 5S. It was assumed that this new SIM card tray hints at a fourth color of the iPhone 5S. This is not to be confused with the iPhone 5C, which will reportedly come in five colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and White.



Today, Sonny Dickson all but confirmed the exist of this “gunmetal” color iPhone 5S with leaked photos of the back enclosure on his blog.

“Up to this point, it has widely been thought that the iPhone 5S will only come in 3 colors: Gold, Slate, and white with silver trim,” Sonny Dickson reports. “According to a new images we’ve obtained, however, it appears the iPhone 5S may also come in a 4th color – a grey or graphite color with a black trim.”

So there you have it. Sonny has been a credible source of leaks and rumors for some time. Hence, this should not be taken lightly.  Apple is expected to unveil two versions of the iPhone on September 10.




Next-Generation iPad mini Rear Enclosure


In other news, Sonny Dickson has released purported photos of the next-generation iPad mini. The images show the device has maintained its previous design. The iPad mini is expected to be upgraded with a Retina display and launch later this year alongside the next-generation 9.7-inch iPad (iPad 5). The iPad 5 will adapt an iPad mini-like design making it lighter and thinner.






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