iPads Stolen From Microsoft’s Office [Updated]


Here is a very interesting story from the Daily Post. Apparently five iPads worth over $3000 were stolen from a Microsoft office between December 19 and December 26.

“Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View is presumably loaded with Microsoft latest and greatest products,” Angela Ruggiero wrote for the Daily Post. “But a thief decided to steal five Apple iPads from the company’s offices instead.”

According to the report the police has no suspect and there were no signs of forced entry. It is presume that Microsot has a video surveillance in place that will aid the police investigation.

However, the take away line from the article is, “no Microsoft products were reported stolen.”

Thief/thieves got good taste!

[Updated] I’ve been accused of not doing my due diligence in posting this story by oc_podcast below. As a result, I’ve updated the post with a screenshot of an email exchange between TheTechStorm and the author of the original article – Angela Ruggiero.

Email- Microsoft iPads Stolen

Source: Daily Post via Chronic

More Cover: Parislemon, 9to5mac, Macworld

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