How to Use Cydia Store – A Real Alternative to Apple Store

How to Use Cydia Store – A Real Alternative to Apple Store – Jailbreaking is the process that allows you to gain access over certain areas of your iDevice. Jailbreaking enables Cydia. Cydia Store is an alternative to the well-known App Store. 


How to Use Cydia Store – A Real Alternative to Apple Store

Jailbreaking is the process that allows you to gain access over certain areas of your iDevice. In the same time, along with the freedom you get after jailbreaking, users also receive Cydia. Cydia Store is an alternative to the well-known App Store, a place where you can find useful third party apps to install on your device. Within this article, I want to show more about Cydia and about how you can use it in order to increase performance and utility on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Cydia Store


What is Cydia Store

Before we begin, I want to remind you some basic aspects concerning Cydia. While Apple has the App Store, jailbreakers have Cydia Store, as an alternative to the first one. However, Cydia was the first App Store. It was available since the first iOS 1.x was released and it offered users the possibility to download apps and tweaks. Since then, Cydia Store is flourishing day by day. We get to see a lot of new improvements and new apps added each day. Finally, Cydia is the place where you can find the best customization apps and tweaks, apps that allow you to change multiple aspects of your device. Starting with themes, wallpapers and ringtones and ending with application icons, multiple toggles and keyboards.

First Time with Cydia

When you first launch Cydia Store after completing the jailbreak process, you need to start with the beginning.

1. Tap on Cydia for the first time and the application will restart automatically.

2. Once it restarts, you will be asked if you are a User, Developer or Hacker. Choose the User option.

3. At this point, Cydia will start downloading packages. Wait until the program finished its job.

4. When a pop-up window appears to ask you to install essentials, tap on “Install Essentials”.

5. Wait until Cydia does its job and restart it.

Next, you have to launch Cydia once again, and you also need to create an account in order to use Cydia Store. However, for this thing, you are able to use your Google or Facebook account to make things even easier. If you have your Cydia username and password, you will be able to record all those purchases you make in the case of payable apps. In this way, when you change your device, you will not have to pay for them once again.

Cydia Store contains 5 main Tabs. The first one is the Homepage. Here, you will find the latest news concerning this topic. The second tab is about Sections. Here, you can browse for apps and tweaks in a certain section. The third tab, Changes are related to all changes and upgrades available for your installed and all new apps uploaded. In the Manage tab, you can add or remove sources or repos. Finally, the last tab is the Search tab, and it allows you to search for a particular app to download.

Cydia Sources

How to Add Cydia Sources

Once you get familiar with Cydia and its sections, you can move on to Cydia sources. Cydia sources or Cydia repositories are major app platforms, which contain different types of apps and tweaks. Everything you find on Cydia is hosted within all these repos. When you first install Cydia, you will have some default repos (pre-installed repos). You have three major default sources and namely the BigBoss repo, ModMyi repo and the MacCiti repo. If you think that these three sources do not offer you what you want, you can easily add new sources.

In case you want to add a new source to Cydia Store, find out that the process is pretty simple. First of all, you need to go to the Manage tab where you can add or remove sources. Here, you also have three major sections: packages, sources and storage. In the first tab, you can see your current install packages, and in the third one, you can see the storage space on your device.

However, in the second section, the Sources tab is here you can add or remove sources. Tap on the Edit and in the top corner and then on Add option. At this time, you will see a window asking you to Enter Cydia/APT URL. Enter the source you want to add on Cydia and click on OK. The new source will be displayed under the “Entered by User” section in the Sources tab. Now, you are able to browse for new apps and tweaks within the respective source.

How to Buy Apps from Cydia

Cydia AppStore

As I mentioned you earlier, Cydia is the place where you can download many great free apps and tweaks, but in the same time, you can find many other payable apps. However, if you want to purchase any app from Cydia, the process is pretty easy. First, if you already own an Amazon or PayPal account, things are even simpler.

When you find an app, you want to buy, go to the checkout process. At this time, you need to sign it to your Facebook or Google account in order to use Amazon or Paypal. Once you add all information required, you should be able to install the app you purchased.

In the case of an update for a certain purchased app, things are just the same.

You will have to repeat the process as when you purchased it.

As a bottom line, Cydia Store is a real alternative to App Store. It is the place where you find amazing free or payable apps, to install on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Once you learn how Cydia Store works, you will be able to discover its multiple benefits. Through Cydia, users are able to customize their device in various ways and in the same time to increase performance and power by adding the right apps and tweaks.

Remember the fact that Cydia works only with jailbroken devices so if you want to be able to use Cydia, you need to start jailbreak on your device. Fortunately, there are many jailbreak tools available to perform jailbreak on any iDevice. Recently, Evasion was released, and it performs an untethered jailbreak on iOS 6/6.1/6/6.1.2. Upgrade to iOS 6, jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and download the best apps from Cydia Store.

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