While Microsoft Envisions the Future; Apple Continues to Invent it


A Microsoft blog post by  Steve Clayton highlights that the company has some great visions for the future. However, this is what Microsoft appears to do best at the moment – produce concept videos.

On the other hands, competitors such as Google and Apple continue to innovate and ship products e.g Google Glass.

Here is Microsoft’s TellMe concept video:


And here is Apple’s Siri: 


In his post – Step inside the Microsoft Envisioning Center, Steve Clayton had this to say

[quote] When dramatic technology changes are on the horizon, just describing a possible future isn’t enough – sometimes you have toshow it and let people experience it themselves. Over the years, Microsoft has created immersive showcases that show how future technologies could shape our world – first through the Microsoft Home, which opened its doors in 1994, and later through facilities like the Envisioning Lab, which explored possibilities for the workplace of the future.

This work continues at our new Envisioning Center, which is all about imagining how technology could be used to make life easier and more enjoyable, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in revolutionary ones. The Envisioning Center is located here on our Redmond campus and it’s been rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate our newest ideas and latest technologies. Today we announced its opening.[/quote]

Let’s hope Microsoft gets something out of the Envisioning Centre sooner, rather than later.


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