Hello, Moto: Google Introduces Motorola Moto X


Motorola has officially introduced the smartphone Moto X, that gives a user wide opportunity to personalize the gadget, and which was fully assembled in the United States. Moto X is a very interesting product, but, as experts say,  it doesn’t have enough technical data to compete with the leaders of the market.

The U.S. company Motorola, which was bought by Google in 2012 and became its mobile division, presented its new flagship smartphone Moto X in New York. The main feature of the gadget is the wide and flexible opportunities for its body’s personalization.

What is it exactly?

A user can choose from 16 colors of a back cover and 2 colors of a front panel (black and white) with a chance to engrave it. You can also choose the material a body of the gadget will be made of. Motorola promises, that the personification of Moto X will take 4 days (starting from the day of order and ending with the day of delivery).

In addition to the original design, Moto X can boast with:

  • A contactless interface (you can manage it with voice and gestures)
  • 10-megapixel camera
  • 4.7 inches AMOLED-display with a 720x1280resolution
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System chip based on Snapdragon S4 Pro dual-core processor
  • Additional energy-efficient processors to handle voice commands and output messages in a standby mode

Gorilla Glass, which has been called Magic Glass here, will protect a smartphone from damages. It covers the front part of Moto X completely.

A new device supports such networks as GSM / EDGE, UMTS / HSPA +, LTE, CDMA / EDVO Rev.A. Motorola claims, that the battery of Moto X will be enough for 13 hours of talk time and 24 hours of use in a variety of modes. The gadget’s dimensions are the following: 65,3 x 129,3 x 5,6-10,4 mm. Its weight is130 g.

The smartphone runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. As well as iPhone 5, Motorola Moto X uses  nanoSIM-cards.

Users will have a chance to buy Moto X at the end of August. It will go on sale in The US, Canada, and Latin America at the same time. The model with 16GB of RAM will cost $199, if you sign a two-year contract with such operators as AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon. As for a model with 32 GB of RAM, users will have to pay $249 for it, and it will be available only with AT & T operator.


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