GPS Issue on Nexus 7 Tablet 2013 and Temporary Fix

Nexus 7 2013

Many owners of Google’s latest Nexus 7 tablets are reporting problems with GPS on their new device on on Google’s own product forums.

The posts on the forum suggest that the second-generation Nexus 7 GPS would work fine temporarily, but then after a certain amount of time the GPS  begins endlessly searching with a blinking icons.

“The amount of time the GPS works varies based on the user, with some saying it is only a minute or two, with others reporting a half hour or more. Regardless, once GPS begins searching, users are forced to attempt troubleshooting,” Brittany Hillen reports for Slashgear.

Some users experience temporary relief from the issue when the tablet is rebooted. However, others are reporting that this fix does not work for them.

Here are a few comments on the forum:

James Skivers  Level 1: 

Several users on XDA, Nexus 7 Google+ Communities, Android Central, etc… including myself, are having GPS problems with the N7 2013. It will get a satellite lock and work fine for anywhere between 10-30 minutes (longer for others) then it will go back into a “Searching” mode with the GPS icon blinking. Sometimes a reboot helps, others not. 

I’m curious if any others on here have experienced this problem on the Nexus 7 2.0 or had any thoughts/suggestions above and beyond what has been discussed at XDA and AP.

Obi OnyeadorLevel 1 

Mine will be fine for about two minutes then shuts down and won’t come back till i reboot.

This user claims to have stumbled across a temporary fix for the issue.

Ed KirsteinLevel 1 

I may have fixed it.  I installed GPS Test and in  the app you hit the menu, settings, then “Clear AGPS” and then Update AGPS.  Then I did a reboot.  It got a fix in 9 seconds sitting in my living room.  I”ve been trying out all sorts of navigation apps for a couple of hours and it has not hiccupped once.  Took it out for a drive in the car and no problems.
Fingers are crossed, I was going to return it tomorrow if it was still flaky.

I uninstalled Google maps update and turned off notifications so it won’t auto update. Restart and so far its working.
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