David Sobotta: The Strangest Nine Months of My Career at Apple


David Sobotta: The Strangest Nine Months of My Career at Apple

, a former Apple employee, recounts a meeting with his then Vice President in 2003:

[quote] There was one thing our vice president had right. It was the description he had given me as we walked into the meeting. He told me that it was going to be “a behind the woodshed beating.” It was.

This was the first sales meeting in my career that was dedicated to telling a team how worthless they were. It went against everything I knew about sales. It made no sense since we had just come off two years when we grew the business an average of 70 percent each year and the only reason we did not do as well this year was the company did not ship the product our customers ordered. As the meeting finished, none of the promised buses showed up to take us back to the hotel and the reception. We had to thumb rides with corporate employees who were late heading over to the meeting.

We were all shaken. I promised myself that I would never be ambushed again at a California sales meeting.[/quote]

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