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 Apple iPad Mini


With Apple on the verge of unveiling the iPad Mini, more details have been leaked about the upcoming product. According to a new report, someone has released photo of a leaked screenshot showing the purported prices of the iPad Mini.

The prices in the screenshot are in Euro, as a result converting this on the going rate will make it US $320, for an 8GB, Wi-Fi only iPad Mini based on the 249 Euro price tag. It appears that there will be a $120 premium for the iPad Mini with cellular data. However, it’s not impossible that Apple may sell the 8GB, Wi-Fi only Mini iPad for $250.


Apple iPad Mini Price


According to a Gizmodo article:

There are two ways this could play out. If you convert the actual prices to US dollars, you get the crazy high prices listed above. But if you just change the currency to dollars, (kinda sorta what Apple does with the iPad 3) you get less ridiculous skew, but it’s still way more than the competition.

At $250 (that’s assuming the Euros will just morph into dollars), an 8GB iPad Mini would be the same price as a 32GB Kindle Fire HD, or 16GB Nexus 7, both of which are very solid tablets in their own rights. And with a 16GB Wi-Fi only model at $350 you’re suddenly paying even more just to go Apple, when for a lot of people, a cheaper competing tablet would probably work just fine. And the high-end of the purported Mini prices is high, but at least the capacities there exceed what other competing tablets pack. Not to mention Minis with prices that get almost as much as the full-size equivalents just seems off.


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out come the 23 October.


Source: Gizmodo,  MobileGeek

Image Render: Martin Hajek

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