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HTC One Max Fingerprint Identification Functions Leaked

A new report from C Technology gives us more detail on the rumored fingerprint sensor coming in the new HTC One Max Sense 5.5. HTC is following in the footstep of Apple in launching a fingerprint sensor on their smartphone. While Apple’s Touch ID is built into the Home Button, making inconvenient for users to unlock their phone with ease. HTC’s fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the phone. According to the report,  HTC fingerprint instructions suggest that the company will allow users to perform various functions withRead More
According to a recent report from China, the specs of the HTC One Max code name HTC 8088 has hit the internet. This follows earlier leaks of the 5.9-inch display smartphone , which is expected to come with a  fingerprint sensor and wireless charging support. Other key features of the HTC One Max include: A 5.9-inch screen display A 1080p resolution 1.7G quad-core processor and 2G RAM A 2.0-megapixel front camera and 4.0-megapixel rear camera 4G network (TD-LTE) support, Android 4. 3 operating system and a battery capacity of 3300 mA. The report suggests that theRead More
US Handset Subsidy Price Ratios
A new report from ABI Research shows that the average US implied subsidy for Samsung devices is 84% as compared to Apple 74% and HTC 80%. However, the report was quick to highlight that the absolute value of subsidy is $110 higher for the average Apple product. “OEMs and their carrier partners increasingly have to continue to employ highly tactical methods to make sure that their devices are subsidized to a competitive price point in order to help prevent consumers acting to avoid their product on price point alone,” the reportRead More
  Credit: Neowin According to a new report from Neowin, HTC is looking to bring Windows Phone 8 software to a variant of the HTC One  according to information from sources. The blog is reporting that the device will feature a  4 – 5 inch display, mostly metal body, Beats Audio, and the GDR3 update for Windows Phone. “The phone is expected to be announced in the fall and arrive sometime later in the year,” Brad Sams writes for Neowin. “It is believed, but not confirmed, that the phone will use HTC’s UltraPixelRead More

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HTC Fights Back with the HTC One

HTC fights back The HTC One has sold almost five million units since it launched last month and the Taiwanese manufacturer has recently announced it’s doubling its production of the handset due to “strong demand”. This is certainly an impressive figure given the firm’s recent supply issues but it’s a far cry from its biggest Android rival, Samsung, which has shifted more than double this number of Galaxy S4’s in around the same time. Since the HTC One in silver was announced back in February it’s taken the smartphone worldRead More

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

  The Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews are out from all the major tech blogs. The general consensus is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is ‘good’ smartphone, but not a ‘great’ one. Times Tech –  Harry McCracken So where does that leave the S 4 compared with its major competitors? If you want the most polished phone with the best selection of apps, the iPhone 5 still has no peer. If you crave Apple-like panache but love Android, HTC’s One is a fine choice. And if what you want is the mainstream phone withRead More
Digitimes is reporting that the production problems that have plagued the HTC One are now solved. As a result, the Taiwan-based company has ordered IC parts for the production of several million more units of its new HTC One flagship smartphone. It was reported that the delayed launch of the HTC One smartphone was largely due to component shortages. At the time, Lorraine Luk writing for the WSJ stated that, “Several retail distributors and telecom operators including Vodafone Group PLC said HTC has notified them of shipment delays of the new smartphone.” “Thanks to the availability of partsRead More
  HTC Q1 2013 Earnings Reveal 98 Percent Decline in YoY Profit Smartphone vendor HTC, today announces unaudited consolidated results for 1Q 2013. According to the press release, total revenues were NT$42.8 billion,  operating income was NT$43 million and net income after tax was NT$85 million ($2.85 million).  Analyst were expecting earnings of NT$467.5 million, according to Reuters. These figures represent 98 percent year-over-year fall in net profit, which was NT$10.9 billion in Q1 2012. “As HTC failed to establish its brand image by selling its most important flagship phone on time, it’ll be very difficultRead More
Despite Delay New HTC One Hits Record Pre-Order The Wall Street Journal along with other news outlet are reporting that new HTC One smartphone has been delayed due to problems in sourcing camera components and metal casings for the device. “HTC Corp. is pushing back the rollout of its new flagship smartphone due in part to some component shortages, a setback for the Taiwanese smartphone maker which is banking on the HTC One to turn around its flagging sales,” Lorraine Luk reports. “Several retail distributors and telecom operators including Vodafone Group PLC said HTC hasRead More

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HTC Unveils The New HTC One

HTC Unveils The New HTC One HTC unveiled their new Flagship smartphone, HTC one, today. At first glance the new HTC One appears to be a beautiful. The device sports and all new design with a 4.7-inch Full HD 1080p display. This comes with an eye-popping  468 PPI resolution. It has 2 GB DDR2 memory on board and a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz to power the beast. The smartphone measures 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm and weighs 143g.     HTC Zoe™: Your photo gallery brought to life. Capturing a moment takesRead More

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HTC One (M7) is set to launch on March 22 in U.S

HTC New Flagship Smartphone – HTC One (M7) is set to launch on March 22 in U.S HTCSource  is reporting that HTC One (M7) is set to launch on March 22, in the U.S according to their sources. “Our source has confirmed that the HTC M7 will launch as the HTC One on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint with 32GB of internal storage, starting at $199.99 with a two year contract,” Nick Gray reports for HTC Source. “Those looking in need of more storage can opt for the 64GB model which will sell forRead More
A heavily redacted version of the 10-year patent settlement between Apple and HTC was filed by Samsung on Wednesday. The new document revealed a lot more than was originally offered by Apple. Samsung is seeking to convince Judge Koh that Apple does not deserve to win an injunction against their products if the Cupertino is willing to accept monetary compensation for patent infringements. However, as expected, Apple has implemented anti cloning clauses in the deal to ensure HTC does not slavishly copy their products in the future. The deal focuses more onRead More