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HTC: November Sales Declined 31.4% Year-Over-Year

HTC has released unaudited revenue for November 2012 of NT$21.2bn today. This is a 31.4 percent decline when compare to the same period last year. HTC generated revenue of NT$30.9 billion in November 2011. However, the result shows a 23.3 percent increase from NT$17.2 billion when compare to October 2012. “HTC’s cumulative 2012 revenues through November totalled NT$267.5 billion, slipping about 39 percent from a year earlier,” Jessie Shen reports for Digitimes. “HTC estimated fourth-quarter revenues at about NT$60 billion, down from NT$70.2 billion in the prior quarter.” No wonder Apple settled with HTCRead More
Apple has now followed Samsung’s lead and added more products to their pending lawsuit. Apple has added six Samsung products including the Smasung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III mini. According to FossPatent: [quote] Both Apple and Samsung keep exercising their rights under the Northern District of California’s permissive rules governing the timing of infringement contentions. After Samsung added the iPhone 5 and Apple brought claims against the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy S III, as well as the Galaxy Nexus with the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update, Samsung filed infringement contentions against the iPad 4Read More

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Apple vs Samsung: No Settlement Imminent

  It appears the on going patent war is generating a lot of page-views at the KoreaTimes. The Korean website has posted comments from an industry analyst, who indicated that Samsung is very unlikely to settle with Apple in the near future. Seoul-based industry analyst Thomas Kang informed the website that, “there is no way Samsung in the current situation will compromise like HTC did considering its market share and its optimistic expansion outlook going forward.” According to Kang, “As times go by, the situation becomes more and more unfavorable toRead More
According to reports from the KoreaTime, Samsung’s hierarchy continues to present a defiant front in the face of the ongoing litigations from Apple. This time Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun state that without Samsung’s patent Apple would not have been able to produce their iPhone. According to the report this is what Shin had to say to reporters: [quote] The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets. As you know, Samsung is very strong in terms of portfolios of wireless patents. The re-evaluationRead More
When it was announced that Apple has settled with HTC, I personally felt this was not a bad thing. After all, HTC as an Android vendor doesn’t pose a threat to Apple’s push to dominate the high-end  smartphone market. However, given Apple’s ongoing litigation against the top Android vendor – Samsung, such a deal with HTC has quite a few risks attached it. And Samsung’s legal team wasted no time in exploiting these shortcomings. The Korean tech giant promptly filed a motion requesting that Apple should reveal the details of their deal with HTC.Read More
  I’ve been reading the recent news about Apple’s dealings with HTC and Google’s subsidiary – Motorola mobility with some amusement. The general theme of these articles was that Apple’s ‘thermonuclear war’ against Android might be coming to an end. Here are a few of the posts in question: Bloomberg: [quote] The settlement with HTC, the first company Apple sued for violating iPhone patents, suggests Cook will take a softer line than Jobs, who vowed before his death last year to wage all-out war against smartphones powered by Google Inc. (GOOG)’s AndroidRead More
In a court filing on Friday, Samsung has filed a motion requesting that Apple should disclose the details of its recent 10-years patent deal with HTC. According to Appleinsider, “the filing, which is part of the post-trial proceedings of the Apple v. Samsung patent trial, seeks to force Apple to reveal whether a recently announced agreement with HTC covered all of the company’s patents, a revelation that could change how existing and future lawsuits regarding IP are handled.” This move on Samsung part is to stop Apple  from seeking injunctions over patents they areRead More
  Well now no one saw this coming, at least at this point in the Patent War. Apple and HTC has published a joint statement announcing the settlement of the patent dispute. Writing for FossPatent, Meuller had this to say about the settlement: [quote] The settlement is surprising and unsurprising at the same time. The timing wasn’t expected since neither party had massive leverage over the other, though the upcoming preliminary ITC ruling I mentioned could have significantly strengthened Apple’s position. HTC (including its entire corporate group including S3 Graphics and ViaRead More

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Beats Audio to Feature in HTC Windows Phone 8 handsets

    [box] HTC’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices will include Beats audio, we have learned. Sources close to HTC’s Windows Phone plans have confirmed the addition, with the HTC Accord — a 4.3-inch Windows Phone 8 handset — set to be the first HTC device with the functionality. HTC’s Accord is expected to be unveiled soon and will include a special Beats Audio Windows Phone application to control the output on the handset in the device’s settings options. We’re told the Accord will be branded with Beats Audio at the rearRead More
This month we’ll see the start of Apple’s patent trial against Samsung. Samsung has recently become the face of Android, hence a win for Apple would be a significant blow to Android. However, some people are not happy with these lawsuits. “Hey Apple why are you mad with Android, just innovate.” How many times have you read this statement before. It’s in the comment section in the most popular blogs and you can also find it in articles fromblog writers themselves. They think it’s a waste of resources for AppleRead More

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On the Acquisition of RIM

The question is when and not if, RIM will be bought. The company’s last quarter earning report didn’t make great reading for it’s loyal investors (the opportunistic investors are long gone). The report read like this: Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2013 was $2.8 billion, down 33% from $4.2 billion in the previous quarter and down 43% from $4.9 billion in the same quarter of fiscal 2012. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 59% for hardware, 36% for service and 5% for software and other revenue.Read More

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HTC sold back shares to Beats

HTC has announced that there have sold 25 percents of their Beats shares back to Beats today. Last year HTC bought a 50 percent stake in the company for 300 million dollar . HTC is currently facing stiff competition in the smartphone space and there is no indication that this partnership has improve matters. It’s likely HTC is trying to focus it’s resources wisely going forward. The press release states: HTC and Beats today announced a realignment of their business agreement that provides Beats with more flexibility for global expansion 1.Date ofRead More