Apple vs Samsung: No Settlement Imminent

  • November 23, 2012

Apple vs Samsung


It appears the on going patent war is generating a lot of page-views at the KoreaTimes. The Korean website has posted comments from an industry analyst, who indicated that Samsung is very unlikely to settle with Apple in the near future.

Seoul-based industry analyst Thomas Kang informed the website that, “there is no way Samsung in the current situation will compromise like HTC did considering its market share and its optimistic expansion outlook going forward.” According to Kang, “As times go by, the situation becomes more and more unfavorable to Apple. Innovations are constantly happening in the mobile industry, and because of that, the innovations led by Apple have disappeared. The value of Apple’s patents will lose luster as times go by.”

This thinking while correct to some degree is not taking into consideration the importance of Apple’s patents to the touch screen mobile devices. I’ve have already commented on this in my post – Google wants some of Apple’s patents to be treated as SEPs.

At the time John Paczkowski reported that:

[quote] In other words, Google’s view is that just as there are patents that are standards essential, there are also patents that are commercially essential — patents that cover features that are so popular as to have become ubiquitous. The latter are just as ripe for abuse as the former, and withholding them is just as harmful to consumers and the competitive marketplace. Viewed through that lens, multitouch technology or slide-to-unlock might be treated the same way as an industry standard patent on, say, a smartphone radio.[/quote]

The report went on to say:

[quote] He (Kang) said the Korean firm was preparing an additional $1 billion to spend in the legal war. It has increased its target shipment for mobile devices, especially its tablets from 15 million to 40 million for next year. The plan is to more aggressively tap into areas seen as Apple’s territory.Despite both firms vocally bashing each other in public, the heart of the matter is purely business, as shown in the settlement between the iPhone maker and HTC. With the right terms, cross-licensing and settlements can happen.By next year, the rise of what one analyst here called the “dark horses” may rise up to force the two technology giants to settle and move forward. By then their alliance won’t violate antitrust laws due to second-tier firms eating away at their market shares. The nature of the mobile market will not allow a monopoly.[/quote]

Source: KoreaTimes
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