HTC Fights Back with the HTC One


HTC fights back

The HTC One has sold almost five million units since it launched last month and the Taiwanese manufacturer has recently announced it’s doubling its production of the handset due to “strong demand”.

This is certainly an impressive figure given the firm’s recent supply issues but it’s a far cry from its biggest Android rival, Samsung, which has shifted more than double this number of Galaxy S4’s in around the same time.

Since the HTC One in silver was announced back in February it’s taken the smartphone world by storm, to the point where, for a while, it seemed even HTC were taken aback by the flurry of five star reviews.

Over the past few years the demand for HTC devices has fallen due to increasing competition, until now that is. Thousands of pre-orders were placed, but just weeks before the HTC One was due to hit the shelves the firm announced it was experiencing supply issues with components for its first UltraPixel camera.

This glitch left many wondering when they’d get their hands on the device and the delays resulted in the handset launching at around the same time as the Galaxy S4. In fact, many industry experts believe this made a huge dent in the initial sales figures for the device as more people opted for the new Galaxy.


Determined to succeed

According to a HTC executive component shortages are still plaguing the firm, but the phone maker seems intent on making sure it meets the surging demand.

Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, said: “our capacity is expected to rise significantly” but further adding that the firm is “optimistic” about its high-end sales. However, with a number of HTC executives having already walked out, and with Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO, also rumoured to resign if the HTC One doesn’t perform, the pressure is certainly on.

There is no doubt that the HTC One is a stunning handset brimming with specs that would leave many of its rivals green with envy. A significant number of tech experts have even gone so far as to call it the “best Android phone in the world”.

So, why are Samsung’s wares once again overshadowing this fantastic handset? Well, it all comes down to advertising. HTC simply doesn’t have the same spending power as Samsung, which hosted the largest smartphone launch event ever seen with the Galaxy S4.

Advertising is everything these days and without it products just wouldn’t sell. Brands like Samsung have perfected the art of marketing and ensure that everything from billboards to television adverts have been dealt with in order to showcase their new devices everywhere.


Rising above it

Thankfully it seems HTC is slowly starting to make changes and after ditching its ‘quietly brilliant’ slogan the firm clearly understands what it needs to do to ensure it doesn’t experience another lacklustre year.

Tong said: “HTC understands the importance of communication with consumers and the company will continue efforts to effectively market its products and brand this year.”

HTC has risen above a raft of criticism over the last few months and despite a few hiccups 2013 certainly looks to be a defining year for the firm. The HTC One showcases the company’s obvious abilities when it comes to creating innovative and stylish smartphones, and while it may take some time to regain its lost market share there’s still hope for the firm yet.


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