Sony Has Halted Sales Of Its Xperia Tablet PCs

Sony Xperia S Tablet


Sony appears to be having huge problems with their Xperia tablet PCs. The tablets were unveiled about a month ago to compete with the iPad and other android Tablet. However, new report has surfaced indicating Sony is about to do a recall.  According to a report the very same tablet Sony was touting as having a splash-proof enclosure that – protects it from wet hands and the inevitable kitchen splash or two, is being recall due to a water-proofing defect.

Another report by Bloomberg Businessweek, stated that the the device is on sale in the United States, Canada, Europe, Oceania and Taiwan. Sony is said to be offering free repairs to customers in each of these regions.

The company has now suspended sales of the Xperia Tablets priced at $449.99 (for the 16GB Wi-Fi 3G model) to $649.99 (for the 64GB iteration). Sony has also replace the “Buy” with “Notify Me” on their website. Consumers are allowed to submit their e-mail address to be notify when the tablet goes on sale again.

A Sony spokeswoman – Noriko Shoji stated that the problem with the tablet lies with a flaw in the manufacturing at the Chinese plant where it is fabricated. ony is said to have shipped around 100,000 of the devices. The company said it will fix any of the tablets sold and expects the cost of the recall to have no significant impact on earnings.

Sources: Bloomberg Businessweek

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