SOLVED! iPad Magic Keyboard Loud Clicking Sound

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for it’s iPad Pro and iPad Air (4th generation) is an amazing device – even magical.

Even though it’s on the expensive side, I would argue that Magic Keyboard is worth the money especially when compare to third party keyboards and the added functionality it brings to your Apple tablet device.

Nevertheless, one issue with the keyboard is that the Trackpad has a loud mechanical click rather the haptic feedback clicks many are used to on the Trackpads on Macs.

If the loud clicking sound is driving you to frustration – here how you could solve it:

Go to Settings >> General >> Trackpad

iPad Magic Keyboard

Change to Tap to Click

iPad Magic Keyboard

This will know give the you the option to Tap to selector or perform a hard click.

Source: Apple

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One thought on “SOLVED! iPad Magic Keyboard Loud Clicking Sound”

  1. Metro says:

    Best tip ever! Is this new to iPadOS? I seem to recall looking for this exact setting, in this area and didn’t know about it.

    Thanks for pointing out, regardless of whether or not I’m crazy.

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