The iPhone 12 To Feature Major Camera Upgrade

  • September 19, 2020

According to a lot of breaking news, the upcoming iPhone 12 this year will usher in major innovations, especially in taking pictures of the rear camera. Apple is likely to adopt a custom camera of more than 40 million for the first time and use the rear camera. The four-shot standard further upgrades the standard of taking pictures, and also refreshes the status of Apple on the DxO list.

Basically, there is at least one in the iPhone 12 series! The rear four-camera arrangement is adopted, and a new TOF lens is added to enhance the imaging effect of virtual reality. In this way, this year’s new iPhone is really expected to surpass Huawei and become the industry’s most powerful flagship mobile phone.

It is probably that in the hardware configuration, Cook has made it clear that the new iPhone will be fully equipped with dual-mode 5G as standard. The Apple A14 processor is expected to use a 5nm design process to meet higher hardware performance requirements. There is a 120HZ screen refresh rate, a better experience of iOS 14, split-screen function, and interest-screen display are very likely to be added.

Therefore, for the entire mobile phone market, the iPhone is still the most anticipated heavyweight model. Whether it is the design or the hardware standard, these will be the focus of innovation, but it also means that the price of mobile phones will increase again. Refresh the high-end price positioning again, do you like this standard?


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