Samsung Use of Nikon Photo in Advertisement Leads Copyright Infringement Claims

Samsung Used Photographer’s Nikon Photo in Advertisement  Without Permission.

Samsung stole nikon photo


According to a report by PetaPixel, Sasmung has found itself in a rather familiar position of being accused of using others’ work without permission.

This time the Company found itself in a copyright infringement controversy when it used another photographer’s photo in an advertisement on its Facebook page. Embarrassingly, the advertisement alluded to the fact that the photo was taken by a Samsung photographers using a Samsung camera. However, it later turned out that the photo was taken by one Danny Santos II, who noticed  his photo, which was taken with a Nikon camera, on the Samsung’s Facebook page.

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According to PetaPixel report:

The hoopla started when Orchard Road, Singapore-based “weekend photographer” Danny Santos II noticed this image shared on Samsung’s Facebook page with the text, “Crisp. Cinematic. This street shot is taken by one of our Samsung photographers! Share your own Singapore Street Shot photo. Who knows, it might just win you a Samsung NX300!”:

Santos then posted on his own Facebook page to protest the infringement, saying, “What the hell.. one of my photographs is being used by Samsung in their FB page without my permission.” That post received hundreds of comments, likes, and shares, and began making the rounds on the web.

samsung stolen nikon photo


According to the report, Samsung was quick to make amends by publishing the following statement on their Facebook page, apologizing for their transgression:

We sincerely apologize to photographer Danny Santos. The photograph in question was mistakenly uploaded while an agency was helping us prepare for this online campaign. We have reached out to Mr. Santos to explain what had happened and are now working on rectifying the situation.

We always respect all copyright laws and expect our agencies to do the same. We are taking this incident very seriously, and will work on making our processes more robust to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Source: PetaPixel

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