Samsung Reportedly Sold over 20 Million Samsung Galaxy S4 Worldwide


Yonhap – a South Korean news agency is reporting that Samsung has sold in excess of 20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 in two months – worldwide.

The Galaxy S4 which was released on April 26, sold more that 10 million worldwide at the end of May. At this current rate, sales should be in the region of 20 million at the end of June, the report speculates.

This will be great news for Samsung fans and investors. The Galaxy S3 took 100 days to cross the 20 million line.

“Galaxy S4 speed faster than expected as sales of Samsung’s internal sales targets known as the green light on and off in the possibility to achieve 100 million. This product gets sold more than 100 million in a single product is mounted to the first record. Predecessor, which sold more than 60 million Galaxy S3 to be totaled,” according to the report.

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