‘Purple Smearing’ Issue Found on Samsung Galaxy S4 Display (Updated with Temp. Fix)


Updated May, 8.

Here are two methods owners can ‘reportedly’ use to temporarily fix the ‘smearing’ issue on their Samsung Galaxy S4.

XDA Developer User – bala_gamer:

As of now we all know that almost all s4 units is suffering from smearing issue. After fiddling with some apps here and there I found a temporary solution , this should be handy until Samsung fixes it.

I suggest two method for this issue, Method 1 adjusts the rgb values of the screen(overlays) .Method 2 adjusts the contrast levels of the screen.
With both the above mentioned methods the black levels are not pitch black but will be on par with the blacks of s3 or anyother amoled screens. I prefer method 1, if you guys face any problems with method 1 then you can try method 2.

Method 1:

1.installscreen adjuster app from market.
2.Set the values of green, blue, red between 5 to10(I prefer 5) and turn on the filter
3.job done

Method 2:

1.installscreen adjuster app from market.
2.change the contrast level from -0 to -10(you can go upto -20 depending on how far your eyes can balance between smearing and pitch black)
3.turn on the adjuster.
4.job done

Note: Running screen adjuster on background will disable the “install” button while installing apps manually, so disable screen adjuster before you start installing something and resume using screen filter after the installation is over


Samsung recently  received a glowing  review from DisplayMate on the quality of the Samsung Galaxy S4 display. However, according to numerous comments on the XDA Developers forum, the display has a minor defect.

According to a forum user – OP, scrolling on a dark grey or  black screen brings up a purple glow or purple smudge/smear. Here is what OP had to say on the matter.

Junior Member – OP:

[Q] Screen smearing?!
Ok I picked up my new galaxy s4 today, I’ve owned all the galaxy s handsets and been pleased with them.

However I noticed some weird screen issue earlier, basically while scrolling dark greys on blacks smudge/smear purple.

A test for this is in settings, on anything grey if you slowly scroll up and down the grey bits go purple.

Does anyone’s else phone suffer from this? I’ve never noticed this on previous phones, but not sure if my handset is faulty or whether it’s just how the galaxy s4s are.

I know it sounds odd but I’d really appreciate if someone could test it for me, go to settings where the background is black and there are greyish bars, scroll up and down slowly and tell me if the grey bits have purple smearing/smudging.


edit: I’ve added a picture and drew some arrows to point out what parts go purple/smudge when I scroll, this is just so you know what to look for. It isn’t an image that shows my problem, it simply to point out what parts show the issue when I scroll.


Credit: OP (XDA Developers Forum

This issue was then confirmed by another member –Obagleyfreer 

Obagleyfreer :

Mine does it too. It’s most noticeable for me scrolling through contacts, the grey bars with the letters on seem to shrink then grow with purple edges. Very weird!

UPDATE- Seems like it only happens in TouchWiz. I have Rom Toolbox which has grey bars on dark background and it doesn’t happen.

The folks over at Hard.info, appear to have worked out what is causing the problem.

Also See…

According to the report:

Update 10:40: The test sample we received at Hardware.Info displays the same issue. It’s especially noticeable with rapid scrolling, but the effect isn’t extreme, and some people around the office didn’t even notice it.

The problems seems to be that the red, green and blue subpixels don’t react equally fast when transitioning from black to dark blue. The fact that a purple glow appears, indicates that the red and blue subpixels react faster than the green one. It’s unclear whether another firmware update will remedy the problem.

Update: 10:50: We double-checked whether the same things happens on the Galaxy Note II, Note and Galaxy S III, but none of these smartphones exhibit the purple problem of the S4.


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