PayToo Introduces New Bill Payment Facility


Today, PayToo has introdued a faster way for consumers to pay their bills using their mobile wallet devices. According to the press release, “Instead of going to biller locations, waiting in long lines to pay or the hassle of sending money orders, PayToo customers can make all their payments from their mobile wallet saving them time and money.”

PayToo already offers mobile phone solutions such as VoIP, Prepaid Card and secure e-commerce payment transaction solutions. The company has also developed and launch a PayToo Mobile Wallet, a global platform that combine telecommunications and mobile payments.

Press Release:

PayToo Bill Payments enables consumers to pay to hundreds of US billers right from their Mobile Wallet Platform. Now users can pay utility bills, mortgage or car payments, credit cards and cable bills, and more, right from their PayToo account even if they are abroad or if they don’t have a US bank account.

PayToo’s advanced suite of services caters to the needs of the more than 50 million unbanked or underserved individuals in the US. Paytoo recently revolutionized the way these consumers can receive their payroll, introducing the Direct Deposit feature into their PayToo Wallet service a few weeks ago helping users save on check cashing fees.  The new Bill Payment option is testament to PayToo’s continued momentum for creating new innovative services faster than anyone else in the industry.

“Our goal is to continue to be the worlds’ leading global mobile wallet solution in the market, providing value to our users through innovative, low-cost and convenient financial services. I am pleased to introduce this new service into our portfolio and am excited about pursuing the launch of other services under the PayToo brand” said Michel Poignant, CEO of PayToo Corp.

Source: PR News

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