iPhone Users in China are Showing High Interest in Samsung Galaxy S4, Report Says

According to a TrendForce report from mainland China, iPhone users in China are Showing high interest in Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung and Apple in China


China’s Central News Agency, is reporting that a recent study by TrendForce – China Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Market Survey Report, illustrates that many Chinese consumers are interested in purchasing the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4. This group includes over half of current iPhone users in Mainland China, according to the report.


According TrendForce investigation, mainland consumers are showing a high interest in the Samsung S4, with more than half ofiPhone users intent on purchasing Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, according reports.

Currently, Samsung enjoys a heath marketshare over Apple, mainly due to the absence of an official iPhone device on China’s biggest mobile service provider, China Mobile. The data obtained by TrendForce’s liquid (Avanti) consumer survey also pointed out that Samsung’s Galaxu S4 is going to strengthen Samsung’s dominance of  the smartphone market in mainland China.

The report stated that 61.2% of the respondents were aware of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone of which, 39.6 percent showed a high degree of interest in purchasing the device. TrendForce also pointed out 58.4 percent of existing Samsung users consider the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone as their next mobile device, while 52.4 percent of current iPhone users will consider Galaxy S4 as their next smartphone.

TrendForce report indicates that the pricing of the new devices will be a huge factor affecting consumers’ purchase intentions. According to the report, 56.1 percent of consumers find a price range of  3000-3999 yuan for the Samsung Galaxy S4 acceptable,  23.3 percent of the respondents believe a price range of 4000-4999 yuan acceptable, while only 2 percent will consider the new smartphone cost more than 5,000 yuan.

Based on this report, it’s clear that Apple needs to do a few things to continue their impressive growth in the country. The Cupertino-based company needs to sign a deal with China Mobile and produce a cheaper version of the iPhone. According to recent rumors, Apple may will be on track to achieve both of these this year.


Source: Central News Agency

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