Ken Segall: The Joy of Slamming Apple

Former Apple employee and current creative director – Ken Segall gives his take on Apple’s “Bendgate” crisis on his Observatory blog here. Segall slammed the company’s critics as moronic and opportunists for the way the news was covered by the media:

The real story is that all these people were so quick to believe that Apple had screwed up in such a monumental way — and then joyfully helped blast this “news” into the public consciousness.
It all started with the notorious bending video.

Honestly, the first time I saw this, I thought it was pretty moronic. The guy’s hands are literally trembling from the force he exerts in his attempt to bend the thing.
I don’t doubt that one could bend an iPhone 6 Plus if he had a mind to. Just as I don’t doubt that one could bend tableware if properly motivated. But the idea of an iPhone bending in real life, in normal use, is no more likely than my fork bending during dinner.

Given the how ridiculous the whole situation has become, Ken Segall posits that it probably a case of some people “wanting to the see big guy gets his nose blood” (largely Android fans in my opinion):


It’s just a sad statement that the reflex reaction of so many people is to jump on the bandwagon, rather than see what is right under their nose — a badly presented case for a problem that barely exists.
None of this is to say that Apple hasn’t had some real problems — or that it isn’t perfectly capable of shooting itself in the foot.

The Maps fiasco was for real. The iOS 8.01 update fiasco was for real. (And utterly inexplicable.) These are things for which Apple was properly slammed, and has most likely learned from.
But Bendgate was a crisis in search of relevance.

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