iPhone 6 ​​iSight Camera Will Feature F/1.8 Aperture And New Resin Cover [Rumor]

According to the latest report coming out of Asia, Apple will be looking to use a new glass cover for its iSight camera in their next generation iPhone. The Cupertino-based company currently uses sapphire glass, but this is expected to replace with Arton resistant transparent resin.

The transparent resin produce by  Japan developers JSR. According to the website:

[su_quote]ARTON is superior in optical characteristics, dimension stability, and is a transparent resin (cyclic olefin resin) of a high heat resistance. ARTON is one of the high functional resins best suited for optical applications such as optical films, light guiding plates, optical lenses etc.
Although ARTON is a cyclic olefin resin, this resin has a polar group in its molecular chain and is good in adhesion, adherence, and miscibility.

Arton heat shielding transparent resin can reportedly filter specific wavelengths of light, transparency and degree of intensity, which will ultimately enhance the resulting images, the report said.

Additionally, the report suggests that the iPhone 6 ​​iSight camera will use a large aperture F/1.8 pixel compared to the iPhone5 aperture which is F/2.4 and F/2.0 in the iPhone5s. The iPhone 6 is expected to sport a 8-megapixel as seen in the iPhone 5s.


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