iPad Mini Beats iPad Air

After proclaiming the first generation the real iPad” last year, Dan Frommer is back with an updated comparison between the iPad mini with retina and iPad Air.

Dan Frommer:


It’s been about a month and a half since I upgraded my iPad Mini to the new retina variety. Apple was also kind enough to loan me an iPad Air to re-test my theory that the iPad Mini is “the real iPad”. I’ve enjoyed using them both, and each has its highs and lows. The colors on the Air’s screen, for example, are noticeably more colourful. But a page of crisp text on the retina Mini is one of the most beautiful digital simulations I’ve ever seen.

The bottom line is that the Mini, not the Air, is still the ideal size for almost everything I want to use an iPad for. Being able to hold an iPad comfortably with one hand, or type easily with two thumbs, is still something the Mini offers best. Reading in bed in portrait mode is still much more comfortable on a Mini — less stretching to do. And even though the Air is impressively lighter than my long-gone iPad 3, the fear of a smashed nose from snoozing hasn’t gone away.


I’m in full agreement with Frommer – I found that the iPad mini with retina display to be the ultimate tablet PC. The device feels super light compared to my iPad 3 and has a great display. I can’t get enough of it.

Prior to purchasing the iPad mini with retina, I was overcome with trepidation that I will miss the larger display I’ve been using to since April 2010, especially when it comes to watching videos. To my surprise, this did not happen. In fact, I discovered another use for my iPad which I’ve given up a while ago – Gaming. The excellent ergonomical design of the iPad mini makes it a pleasure to hold. The reduced weight means you can hold it for longer without building muscles in your arm.


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