Innovative Mobile Phone Accessories

Innovative Mobile Phone Accessories

When it comes to owning a mobile phone, you can’t just get by with the phone itself. Instead, you need a proper mobile phone cover so that it does not get damaged or scratched if you accidentally drop it, you need a hands-free headset device, such as a Bluetooth, to allow you to take calls while on the road or when your hands are not free to hold the phone to your ear, and if you are a man, you may even want to invest in a case that hangs on your belt or your pants that will hold your phone securely so that you do not need to keep it in your pocket. Whatever accessories you choose to use with your mobile phone is completely up to you, but thankfully, the options out there are endless.

Here are some of the latest accessories that will certainly turn heads.



The Quattro is a special case developed specifically for use on iPhones. Like your typical mobile phone case, this one will protect your phone and comes in a variety of colours and patterns to suit every taste. But what makes the Quattro truly extraordinary is the fact that it comes with a built-in camera lens that allows you to take better quality photos right from your phone.

XSories Mini Deluxe Tripod

If you use your mobile phone to take pictures everywhere you go, even while you are on vacation, you want to be sure you take the best photos possible. Using the Xsories Mini Deluxe Tripod ensures that your photos will be crisp and clear, thanks to the tripod’s steady, flexible legs, perfect for using in all environments. Just attach your mobile phone to the tripod and you are ready to take breathtaking images while on the go, without the need for expensive camera gear. And as a bonus, the tripod is very lightweight, which means women can carry it in their purses and men can even carry it in their back pockets.

iBottle Opener 3G

This neat little accessory makes a great conversation piece and is perfect for when you are out having drinks with your friends at the bar. The iBottle Opener 3G is essentially a mobile phone case with a bottle opener built right into the back of it, so there is no need to carry a bottle opener around on your keychain anymore because if you or your friends buy a beer that needs opening, you have the perfect solution right on your mobile phone.

Car Dock

If you like to use your mobile phone to help you navigate busy streets and areas you have never driven to before, you know how hard it can be to keep your phone secure while you drive. Unlike GPS systems, mobile phones with navigation apps built into them do not come with docks that allow you to mount the phone for easy use while driving. Purchasing a car dock from a number of reputable brands, however, can solve this problem quickly and easily.

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