Bluetooth Technology for Fitness Fanatics!


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Bluetooth Technology for Fitness Fanatics!

How Bluetooth technology has made active lifestyles easier than ever.

Electronic leaders have tried for many years to make music and fitness come together in the best way. Their goal has been to offer freedom and flexibility to the fitness fans among us, by creating music listening devices that allow us to forget that we are attached to our iPods or smartphones.

Whether you are in the gym and you wish to listen to your own playlist and not the gym’s music, or you are running through the city and blocking out the sounds around you, you are tied by your devices.

Time and time again joggers have complained about the restrictions that headphone cables have on their workout. Cyclists have even stronger complaints, as they can get their headphone cables caught around their handlebars or even in the wheels of their bicycle.

Bluetooth technology and ear buds can be combined to give us the optimum listening experience whilst we are on the go.

This issue has been addressed in the past with the introduction of sports armbands that hold your iPod against your arm. Unfortunately for many people these feel too restricted, especially when lifting weights.

There are now devices available that offer you Bluetooth listening so you can be connected to your phone without the physical attachment and excessive amount of cable around you. This works on the basis of your mp3 player connecting to a small Bluetooth module that clips onto your clothes. The Bluetooth module is designed to be so light that you can’t feel that you are wearing it. You then have ear buds that have a magnetic connection with the Bluetooth device you are wearing. When you place the ear buds against the Bluetooth module, the music will stop playing on your smartphone or iPod, and the ear buds will attach to the side of the device.

Even more incredible is that you can even answer calls by taking the earbuds off the Bluetooth device and end calls by placing them back on the device. This will prove to be very popular in cold countries where you are often wearing gloves and would rather not take your gloves off to answer the call directly from your mobile. It will also prove very useful when you do not have a hand free to hold the phone, such as when you are cooking, shopping or carrying items in both hands.

This level of technology we are going to experience from 2013 onwards is only possible because of Bluetooth module technology.  

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