How the iPad is Making in Difference in Special Education Teaching

Great article on how Apple’s iPad is making a real difference in the world, unlike products from some competitors.

According to a report in Venture Beat, special needs educator – Neil Virani is using his iPads to teach his students. He said using his iPads has caused a dramatic difference in his classrooms.

Neil Virani:

I had a student with Cerebral Palsy who only has proficient access to one finger. The iPad comes along and 35 minutes after opening it from the box, he wrote his name for the first time — it was the first word he ever wrote. I thought if we can do this in 35 minutes, what can we do in nine months? The possibilities are endless when we have the right tools.

Here is a passage from Apple’s latest “Made in California” ad that encapsulates what the company is trying to achieve with its products:

Who will it help?

Will it make life better?

Does it deserve to exist?

If you are busy making everything,

How can you perfect anything?


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