Good Technology: iOS Remains the Preferred Enterprise Platform [PDF]


Good Technolog‘s new report – Good™ Mobility Index Report for Q1 2013, that iOS remains the preferred enterprise platform, despite Android’s dominance in the consumer market.

However, it’s not all good news for Apple. The report indicates that the total number of activations on iOS devices dropped by nearly the same figure year over year, but the platform remains the clear market leader with 75 percent of total device activations. Android showed a small increase of 5 percent year over year.

“With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies now becoming the rule, rather than the exception, it’s more imperative than ever to have a cross-platform solution that can be deployed across the number of devices coming into the workplace,” said Christy Wyatt , CEO and President, Good Technology. “And despite what device they may be using, users want a seamless, integrated experience that allows them to be as productive on the go as they are on their desktop or laptop.”


Key findings from the report include:

  • The iPhone 5 topped enterprise users’ most popular device list, followed by the iPhone 4S, and the latest generation iPad came in as the most regularly used tablet.
  • One in four device activations is now happening on a tablet as activations have grown to 27 percent of total device activations in the workplace; in contrast, worldwide figures from IDC show that tablets represent only 1 in 5 devices shipped in the tablet and smartphone category in this quarte.
  • The Samsung Galaxy SIII was crowned the most popular Android device, playing a substantial role in fueling the growth of total Android activations.
  • Among Android devices, activations of tablets almost doubled in Q1 2013 compared to the previous quarter.

Additional report findings include:

  • Total device activations jumped almost 30 percent year over year, with 99 percent of activations on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Activations from Android tablets almost doubled during Q1 2013 while iPad activations dropped by five percent.
  • The Financial Services industry continued to lead other industries in total device activations with 24 percent, as well as iPad activations with 30 percent.
  • There was a two percentage point jump in total device activations across the public sector compared to last quarter.


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