Apple iPhone 5 and 4S are Britain’s Most Popular Smartphones

Apple’s iPhone 5

According a report from Digitalspyuk (via uSwitch) Apple’s iPhone 5 has remained Britain’s most popular smartphone. This is very commendable given the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line in the UK.

The uSwitch came to this conclusion by compiling data based on sales, pre-orders and live searches for handsets in Britain. It is the third consecutive month that the 16GB iPhone 5 has sat at number one, according to the report.

“While the Galaxy S4 has been an unmitigated success on a global scale, price drops and special offers barely a month after the launch show that the heavily-hyped device has needed a bit more oomph to make waves in the UK market,” uSwitch’s Ernest Doku said. “As interest from the hardcore tech fans has waned, Samsung really has had a fight on its hands to wrestle some of that broader consumer attention away from Apple – even with a feature-rich handset like the S4.

“The announcement of yet more additions to the Galaxy family – a more compact offshoot in the S4 Mini as well as a Note refresh are due to appear at a showcase in London – shows that the Korean manufacturer has no intention of letting up within the smartphone space,” Doku explains.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Top Ten Handsets for May in Britain below:

1 Apple iPhone 5 (16GB) – iOS
2 Apple iPhone 4S (16GB) – iOS
3 Samsung Galaxy S4 (16GB) – Android
4 Apple iPhone 4 8GB – iOS
5 Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB) – Android
6 HTC One Silver – Android
7 Sony XPERIA Z – Android
8 Samsung Galaxy Ace – Android
9 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Androi
10 Samsung Galaxy S2 – Android

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