Goldman Sachs: Apple Has a Bright Future in China


An online survey by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. in China, via Value Walk, shows that despite Apple’s enormous growth in the metropolitan areas of China, the Cupertino-based company still has a lot of China to conquer.

Apple has added several distribution points in China since 2009 and has also increased its retail store presence in the country in the process. However, despite their best effort, Apple’s consumer base is still largely concentrated in the country’s developed regions leaving opportunities for further growth, according to the report.


The Goldman Sachs survey consisted of 801 respondents who own an iPhone, an iPad or both. The survey targeted respondents from different  regions throughout China, asking them about their purchasing intentions and device usage (the survey was completed before the launch of the iPhone 5), according to the report. Here are the results:


The chart above illustrates that Apple enjoys a very good customers loyalty base in China when compare with the US, which a very good sign for Apple and spells trouble for other vendors.


The above chart shows that  Chinese consumers wants on average, a 27 percent discount, from another vendor to entice them to leave Apple.


The above chart illustrates that Apple’s ‘sticky’ ecosystem is working its magic in China also. About 72 percent of the respondents (owning both iPad and iPhone), said that it was “highly likely” that their next smartphone or tablet would also be an Apple, according to the report.


Even Apple’s cloud services (iTunes and iCloud) have also received favorable responds from respondents, with 59 percent of the respondents saying they download from the Apple App Store “frequently”, another 33 percent said they do so “sometimes,” according to the report.

This all bodes well for Apple going forward in China. No wonder, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is bullish about his company’s opportunities in China.

Source: Value Walk


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