Gartner: iPads To Overtake Blackberries In Business

Apple's iPad 

Gartner Senior VP Peter Sondergaard stated the obvious today. According to the Sondergaard, Apple’s iPad is set to overtake BlackBerry in Business in two years time.

Sondergaard was giving the opening keynote at Gartner Symposium IT Expo in Orlando. Sondergaard stated that, “Tablets will continue to shake up the business world,”  he continued by stating that, “In less than two years, iPads will be more common in business than Blackberries. Some CIOs are now placing orders for tens of thousands of iPads at a time.”

One of the big driver behind this change is “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) programs that allow their employees to use the gadgets they use at home in the workplace as well, according to Sondergaard.

Here are some of the take away from Sondergaard keynote via Forbes:

  • In 2016, over 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased globally and two thirds of the work force will own a smartphone.
  • 40% of workers will be mobile in less than two years.
  • Apple iPads will be more common in businesses than BlackBerries within two years.
  • Two years from now, 20% of sales organizations will use tablets as their primary platform for the mobile salesforce.
  • Nokia, Motorola, Research In Motion struggling to move to cloud/mobile/social/big data “nexus.”


Source: Forbes

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