Dekko’s Real-World Operating System for Wearable


Crunchbase has published a profile of Dekko, a San Francisco-based startup, which launched its first racing game that has players drive virtual cars across tabletops.

The game was built using Dekko its recently launched next-generation real-world operating system for the wearable computing generation.

According to the press release at the time:

Dekko’s real-world OS will give developers a platform to build apps that merge mobile technology with the real world in unprecedented ways. Using mobile device cameras, Dekko builds digital grids over physical objects with 3D mapping. This technology allows mobile devices to interpret the real world and unleashes a whole new set of opportunities for mobile developers.

The OS represents a shift from mobile apps that operate inside the constraints of a mobile device to apps that run outside of the box. With Dekko, apps can reconstruct and track the environments around them in real-time, allowing for entirely new and visually stunning mobile experiences.

Fast forward to today and the company has its first game.

The game allows players to hold up their iPads over a surface, which then turns into a virtual race track that is visible on the iPad. The app is also multiplayer.

“We wanted to solve many of the basic user problems with augmented reality. We had a compulsion to at least show something that’s real and fun,” said co-founder and CEO Matt Miesnieks. “We wanted to build an experience that is kind of magical.”

Tabletop Speed Trailer from Dekko on Vimeo.

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