China’s First Lady Appears to be fan of Apple’s iPhone

China’s First lady

ChinaTimes has published a photo of the nation’s first lady – Peng Liyuan taking photos on her iPhone. This happened during her recent trip to South America.

China’s new president, Xi Jinping recently held talks with President Obama in the US. However, as CBS reports  first lady – Peng Liyuan stole the spotlight given her successful career as a singer prior to marrying

According to the report:

Peng Liyuan was first a famous folk singer with a 30-year career. In 2011, she performed at the Great Hall of the People, which is home to China’s legislature. The now 50-year-old singer was once a soldier. She joined China’s People’s Liberation Army at age 18 and rose up the ranks to hold the title of major general. A photo — scrubbed from the Internet in China — allegedly shows the future first lady serenading troops in Tiananmen Square after the bloody crackdown in 1989.

The report also highlights that the first lady has a formidable fan base, and is seen as a trend setter in many respects.

Fan pages can be found online, and the diva-turned-diplomat grabs almost as much attention as her husband on official trips. On a recent foreign mission to Moscow — the coat she wore and bag she carried — set Internet users abuzz. The items soon popped up for sale: with websites touting: “same style as the first lady,” according to the report.

Given its huge ambitions in China, Apple will be pleased to see their iPhone in good hands.

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