Bravo: Waterproof and Shockproof Aluminum Case for iPhone 5

Bravo case iPhone

Tiger Sports has announced their new Aluninim iPhone case – Bravo, which provides full protection for your iPhone is against water, dust, dirt, mud, snow and impact at all times.

According to the press release:

Most waterproof phone cases have the touchscreen protective membrane integrated into the case shell which hampers touch sensitivity. The screen protector of the Bravo Case is adhered onto the phone itself. This design minimizes the chance of having air bubbles trapped between the screen protector and the touchscreen. The screen protector is pressed against an O-ring on the front cover which, together with the phone itself, provides the rigidity to seal the case against water. Tigra Sport has a pending patent on this design.

Bravo Case iPhone 5

Other features  include:

  • The Bravo Case is waterproof down to two meters (6 feet).
  • Can  withstand the impact of a free fall from two meters on hard concrete floor at multiple angles.
  • Measures 140.7mm x 72.4mm x 12.4mm (5.54″ x 2.85″ x 0.49″), it is one of the slimmest waterproof iPhone 5 cases in the market.
  • The Bravo Case is CNC machined to a high degree of precision using aero-grade aluminum, which is then anodized into black or silver colors.

The  Bravo Case is expected to retail at USD129.99 and as the website suggest –  “Ditch the rice. Get water protection down to two meters for your iPhone with style.”

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