Beijing Telecom: iPhone 5S to Launch with Larger Screen and Wireless Charging

  • September 6, 2013

iPhone 5C_CT1

Beijing Telecom: iPhone 5S to Launch with Larger Screen and Wireless Charging? 

According to a new report from, mainland China was listed as the world’s first batch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C published listing countries. This information came courtesy of the mainland China Telecom Beijing Service official microblogging news website released a full-iPhone5S/5C book pages, revealing the detailed iPhone 5S configuration information. However, the page was immediately deleted leaving the authenticity of the information in doubt.

Here are some of the features of the iPhone 5S that was listed on the website:

  • OEM A7 with Intel processors
  • Larger screen and Touch On display panel
  • Support NFC and fingerprint sensor, sapphire master button
  • Support LTE -A network
  • Dual flash, slow shooting, support for wireless charging, built a larger capacity battery, or even a gold version.

China T iPhone5S

A recent report by the WSJ suggests that Apple is currently working on a larger iPhone. However, it highly improbably that this will be launched this year.

According to the WSJ report:

 It is unclear whether Apple will ultimately choose to follow a multi-size, multi-device strategy beyond shipping a new lower-cost model for the first time later this month. The company often tests different devices and configurations before choosing a course.

But people familiar with the company’s internal deliberations and plans indicate it appears more willing to move ahead than in years past. Component suppliers say Apple already began testing larger screens for iPhones in recent months. Apple has been particularly interested in recent tests for a 4.8-inch screen, these people say.

Some of the other features such as the use of Intel processors and wireless charging are unlikely to make the cut this time, but who knows. Maybe Apple will actually surprise us on September 10.


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