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Apple iPad Mini


Apple has released their iPad mini to the world yesterday. The iPad mini will be available for pre-order on October 26, starting at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only entry model.

Here is the blogosphere take on the iPad mini:

MacRumors – iPad Mini Hands-On


[quote]What’s really amazing about the iPad mini—perhaps its most surprising trait—is that while it has a much larger screen than its 7-inch Android-based competitors, it’s lighter than they are. That’s a big deal, because it means this device wins in two dimensions: It’s somehow managed to pack a bigger screen that can fit powerful tablet apps into a package that weighs less…

If you think the iPad mini is just a small iPad, well, you’d be right. But it really needs to be seen to be understood. It’s tiny, light, and has great fit and finish. Its screen is good, but most definitely not of Retina quality. When you see one, and hold one, you’ll know if you want one. We’d direct you to your nearest Apple Store to check one out for yourself…but until November 2, you won’t be able to.[/quote]



T3 – iPad mini Hands-On


[quote]Lighter and thinner than we’d thought when watching the Keynote, the iPad Mini fits comfortably in one hand, with the reduced-size side bezels giving seemingly more screen real-estate than the Nexus 7. Jony Ive said that Apple had built the iPad Mini from the ground up, rather than just shrinking the bigger iPad. It shows. The rounded edges are reminiscent of the widely loved iPhone 3G and it feels durable enough to sling in a bag.

We’d go as far as saying it’s our favourite iPad yet. The smaller size, thinner shape and lighter weight makes for a much better mobile experience. It’s easy to hold and manipulate in the hand but feels durable and well-built enough to accompany you throughout the day. It’s definitely more premium that we were expecting.[/quote]


Apple iPad mini


Engadget -iPad mini Hands-On


[quote] That said, the smaller iPad is clearly aimed at classrooms and readers — two sectors where frills aren’t exactly necessary. Where it excels, predictably, is the overall fit and finish. Just as the bigger iPad, this one feels delightful in the hand. If you’ve held an iPad, you know where we’re coming from. Yes, it’s lighter and more nimble, making it feel as if Apple concocted its own version of the 7-inch tablet. And indeed, that’s precisely what has happened here. [/quote]



The Verge -iPad mini Hands-On


[quote] The thinness and sleekness of the casing cannot be overstated. It feels as high-end as the new iPhone, but even sharper in the hand — like a slice of solid aluminum. The chamfered edges present on the iPhone 5 have been continued here, as well as the all-black treatment seen on the latest phone. The display on the mini looks incredibly sharp, and even though the resolution is lower than the 3rd and 4th generation full-size iPad, it doesn’t immediately seem like a 1024 x 768 display. The smaller, 7.9-inch surface area certainly helps squeeze the pixels.

We won’t know the full details about the iPad mini until we put it through its paces in a proper review, but at first glance, it’s an impressive device that helps to remind the industry just how very good Apple is at two things: creating gorgeous hardware, and creating a spectacle. [/quote]



The Telegraph – iPad mini Hands-On


[quote]I’ve long been a sceptic when it comes to 7-inch tablets. Just as I don’t need my smartphone to get bigger, I don’t really want my iPad to get smaller.

That said, the iPad mini, which is as Apple says, a 7.9-inch tablet, rather than a 7-inch tablet, is a beautiful device. The design echoes the iPhone 5, with a black and slate model and a white and silver version. It’s an extraordinary design and one that feels like a premium product.

Unlike its larger sibling, the iPad mini will fit into a jacket pocket or a handbag, potentially making it available in situations when people would previously have used a smartphone.

At £269 for the 16GB, Wi-Fi-only model, there will be plenty who feel that the iPad mini is too expensive. The 16GB Google Nexus 7, for example, is £70 cheaper at £199.[/quote]



Wired – iPad mini Hands-On


[quote] Apple finally announced the iPad’s little brother today, the much-rumored iPad mini. Despite the “cute” connotation associated with things dubbed mini, I wouldn’t call it cute: The iPad mini makes for a decidedly polished and attractive 8-inch tablet. The iPad mini measures in with a 7.9-inch, 1024 x 768 resolution display and is only 7.2 mm thick. The display, although not Retina quality, still looks bright and crisp, but those accustomed to a Retina display iPad or MacBook Pro may find fault here.

The iPad mini seems to be a quality addition to the iPad lineup. The smaller size should appease tablet hopefuls who feel the 9.7-inch iPad is too large. It provides a very good, though not top-of-the-line, experience and looks sharp to boot.[/quote]

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