Allison Johnson: Steve Jobs As So Sad And So Angry About The “Antennagate”

Former Apple marketing vice president Allison Johnson shares her experience at the company between 2005 to 2011 in an interview with

Key highlights from Allison Johnson’s interview include:

  • Steve Jobs did not like the word “Brand”, he thought this was a ‘dirty’ word which was associated with TV advertising.. articficial things. He believes the most important thing was people’s relationship with the product.
  • Steve Jobs was as passionate about the marketing team as he was with Jony Ive’s team.
  •  The Product Marketing team “understood deeply what was important about the product, what the team’s motivations were on the product, what they hoped that product would achieve, what role they wanted it to play in people’s lives”
  • A team from Apple visited London to pick up more than a thousand never-before-seen photographs of The Beatles to be used as part of the ad campaign. When the pictures were finally brought back and spread out on a boardroom table, Jobs perused the collection in tears knowing he had finally accomplished a longtime goal.
  • “Steve Jobs was so sad and so angry about the “antennagate” issue and how that was getting portrayed. His core leadership team — product and marketing leadership team — were sitting around the table, and he was pounding the table and said, ‘This is not the company I want to be. This is not what we are building, we don’t want to be that company, we don’t want people to think about us this way.” Where the Beatles milestone brought tears, “antennagate” caused sobbing.
  • “Did he deeply care about that company and was it one and the same as him? Without question,” she said.

via AppleInsider

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