iPhones With Larger Displays and iWatch Coming This September [Rumor]

Laoyaoba (Google translate), a Chinese website, is reporting that Apple is set  to release two new versions of the iPhone in September 2014. The smartphones will reportedly feature 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch  displays. According to the report, sources in the supply chain have indicated that the new iPhones will be produced by Foxconn and Pegatron.

In addition to the iPhone news, supply chain sources are also claiming that the iWatch will be launched alongside the new iPhones in September. Apple’s iWatch will be assembled by RoyalTek, a subsidiary of contract manufacturer Quanta Computer, the report said.

Alex Cho, research analyst said: “the iWatch will be a symbolic message as to whether innovation exists at Apple.”

9to5mac has reported that Apple is recruiting new people to work on a smartwatch device that will be health focus among other things:

“With any medical device, Apple certainly needs to conduct a large amount of testing. The company has also begun meeting with the FDA regarding medical applications. Apple is likely working on a sensor-laden “iWatch” to drive the data portion of the Healthbook software in iOS 8. While many of our reports have indicated Apple is working on health/fitness-oriented software and hardware, this new job listing is essentially confirmation direct from Apple.”

 “I expect Apple’s iWatch to generate $2.5 to $5 billion in net profit by 2018,” Alex Cho explains. “This was based on historical run-rates of Apple’s product launches and industry projections for mobile. While the future may not exactly turn out like this, I couldn’t imagine Apple losing money from its upcoming product category.”
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