AFP: Pegatron And Foxconn To Share Production Of iPhone 6

Agence France-Presse   (via Taiwan‘s Liberty Times) is reporting that Pegatron will reportedly split the manufacturing responsibility of Apple’s iPhone 6 with Foxconn. Pegatron currently assembles Apple’s iPad mini and iPhone 5c while Foxconn is responsible for the manufacturing of Apple’s flagship iPhone 5s.

According to the report:


In order to meet the demand, Pegatron has started building a new plant at Kunshan, a satellite city near Shanghai where all its iPhones are assembled, the Liberty Times said without identifying its source.

The paper said the Kunshan plant is scheduled to become operational in the middle of the year and start mass production late this year, when Apple is expected to roll out its iPhone 6.


Apple is widely expected to launch two versions of the iPhone with larger display this year. According to various reports, the two sizes will range from 4.7 – 5.7 inches. The key to predicting the size of the iPhone 6 would be to look at whether it complements the resolution of current Apple devices. That is, it won’t result in fragmentation.

Macro Arment outlined how Apple can accomplish in this excellent post early last year:


The recently rumored, larger-screened “iPhone Math”, or more likely “iPhone Plus”, is plausible as an additional model (not a replacement) alongside the 4” iPhone. And there’s a good chance that it would have a 4.94”, 16:9 screen.


By keeping the pixel dimensions the same as the iPhone5, no app changes would be necessary. While the larger screen would hinder one-handed use, two-handed use would actually be easier because the touch targets would all be larger, and UIKit’s standard metrics and controls still work well at that physical size.

Image Credit: Marco Arment

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