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Posted On January 10, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News

AFP: Pegatron And Foxconn To Share Production Of iPhone 6

Agence France-Presse   (via Taiwan‘s Liberty Times) is reporting that Pegatron will reportedly split the manufacturing responsibility of Apple’s iPhone 6 with Foxconn. Pegatron currently assembles Apple’s iPad mini and iPhone 5c while Foxconn is responsible for the manufacturing of Apple’s flagship iPhone 5s. According to the report: Apple is widely expected to launch two versions of the iPhone with larger display this year. According to various reports, the two sizes will range from 4.7 – 5.7 inches. The key to predicting the size of the iPhone 6 would be to lookRead More
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Foxconn Exec: “We Are Churning Out About 500,000 iPhone 5Ss Everyday” While the iPhone 5c may be struggling to get consumers attention, its sibling  – the iPhone 5s is having no such problem. According to a report from Wall Street Jounral, Foxconn has boosted production capacity for the iPhone 5S at the expense of the cheaper iPhone 5C as requested by Apple, according to sources. As a result, production of the iPhone 5s has hit about 500,000 iPhone 5Ss per day, the highest daily output ever, an unnamed executive told theRead More
China News Agency: Foxconn has Begun Mass Production of iPhone 5S Based on a recent report from China, Foxconn has begun mass production of Apple’s next-generation iPhone – the iPhone 5S China News Agency (via MyDriver) is reporting that an executive of at Taiyuan Foxconn project management office has informed the news agency that his factory has started mass production of the iPhone 5S rear enclosures. The executive also acknowledged that this increase in production was the reason for the recent increased recruitment efforts. With the recruitment process completed, Taiyuan Foxconn isRead More
The well connected Sina microblogging group – C Technology has released more information about the iPad 5 (next-generation 9.7-inch iPad). The group is reporting that they have received confirmation the iPad 5 with internal serial number  DLXKN0EFJKG is about to go into mass production. Key highlights from the report:  Apple’s next-generation Tablet PC iPad 5 is about mass production. A group of Apple OEM product’s internal serial number  DLXKN00EFJKG  appeared – sources said this is the iPad 5 serial number. The device manufacturer Foxconn, the warranty deadline is June 27, 2014, from SeptemberRead More
Foxconn Chairman to Meet Sharp Executives to Close Partnership Deal It appears that a recent deal between Samsung and Sharp has spurred the hierarchy at Foxconn to get their act together. According to a new Digitime report, the chairman of Foxconn is set to meet with executives of Sharp to close a partnership deal. Last month we reported that the negotiations between Foxconn and Sharp were still ongoing. “Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) chairman Terry Guo reportedly will have a meeting with Sharp’s executives in Japan soon to finalize theRead More
Hon Hai Negotiations with Sharp Still Ongoing; Final Answer After March 26 MyDrivers, a Chinese website, is reporting that negotiations between Hon Hai and Sharp are still ongoing despites several set backs. It was reported by a Japanese Media, “Daily News” (Mainichi, that Sharp may have terminated negatiotes with Hon Hai after not being able to come to an agreement, the report states. MyDrivers: [quote] Negotiations between Sharp and Hon Hai, the Japanese domestic media has already made a pessimistic attitude, including Japan, “Daily News” (Mainichi) previously reported that Sharp may terminate withRead More
  Foxconn Denies Hire Freeze Is Link To Low iPhone 5 Demands According to Sky News, recent reports that Foxconn has stopped hiring new staff  due to a reduction in iPhone 5 demand, couldn’t be further from the truth. According to the report: [quote] Foxconn is not hiring new staff at a Shenzhen plant that makes gadgets, including the smartphone, but it has denied a report in the Financial Times that the move is a reaction to any single client. In response to the FT’s claim, Foxconn said: “Due toRead More

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Foxconn May Produce A Smartphone For Vizio In 2013

Foxconn May Produce A Smartphone For Vizio In 2013 Chinatechnews is reporting that, “Taiwanese OEM Foxconn may produce a smartphone for Vizio in 2013. Vizio is America’s leading LCD HDTV provider. The company  has over 60% share of the above 60-inch TV market in North America. According to the report: [quote] Fujiconn, a subsidiary of Foxconn, will be responsible for the production of the smartphone. Prior to this, Vizio cooperated with Foxconn in the launch of 60-inch and 70-inch large TVs in the U.S. in November and December 2012, respectively. The companyRead More
  Today, Tech.Sina is reporting that despite rumors that iPhone 5 demand is weak, nothing could be further from the truth. According to the report, The Zhengzhou Customs department recently announced that the Henan Province saw an increase in import-export revenue of  $ 51.75 billion last year, an increase of 58.6% compared with 2011. The big news here is that the Foxconn Group has a big operation in this region. Henan Province is said to be one of the Apple’s iPhone 5 main assembly takes location, with more than 50% of theRead More

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WSJ: Apple Has Tested TV Designs

Just yesterday I reported that Apple will be building a full fledge TV in contradiction to a  Jean-Louis Gassée piece on his Mondaynote blog. In that piece I stated that Apple  will definitely be building a TV set because it’s the only way that they can deliver the level of innovation to make the device a revolutionary product. Today, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that their sources in Asia are reporting that Apple has been working with Hon Hai Precision Industry and Japan’s Sharp Corp in designing a large screen HD TV. According to the report: [quote] Apple Read More
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Hon Hai: Apple’s iPhone 5 Is Very Challenging To Make

    According to a recent report from Wall Street Journal the 3-4 weeks shipping time on the iPhone 5 is due to the high degree of difficulty in the manufacturing process. The iPhone 5  has sold well of 5 million devices in its opening weekend. Apple confirmed that this number could have been higher had there been able to ship meet the demand. [quote]iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled[/quote] The report cited comments from a executive at Hon Hai. According to the official, “the iPhone 5 isRead More