5 Cool Gadgets You Must Have In Your Garden


Lots of people have countless amounts of gadgets in their home, but the garden usually gets left out. I’ve shown them 5 cool gadgets they would find very useful that would live outdoors.

If you walked carefully through every room in your home do you know how many gadgets you would find? You definitely wouldn’t have enough fingers and toes to count them all. That is because we’re all addicted to gadgets and we love buying them when we can. It’s no surprise we have so many of them because they make our life so much easier. Can you imagine how hard your life would be if you had to walk over to the television when you wanted to change the channel?

Now walk into the garden and do the same thing. Try to count how many cool gadgets you see and I bet you can easily count them on your fingers without even needing to take your socks off. For some reason we just don’t bother too much with our garden, but maybe you can change that because there are some cool gadgets that would really help you out. We’ll look at a few of them now and you can decide whether you would be a fool to miss out on them.

A Trake

When you’re planting things or taking out weeds you need a trowel and a rake. The trowel will allow you go dig holes and get the weeds out of the ground. The only bad thing is that the tool is tiny and you need to get down on your hands and knees. It’s not exactly good for your back, especially if you are getting old. A Trake is a special tool that is shaped like a rake on one end and a trowel in the other. No longer will you need to bend down anymore.

Solar powered auto lawn mower

Do you ever get sick and tired of cutting your grass? I don’t blame you because you’ve surely got other things you’d like to be getting on with. Now you can if you buy a solar-powered auto lawnmower, because while you’re cooking dinner your new lawnmower will go around the garden cutting the grass by itself. It’s also powered by the sun and will last a few hours before it needs to be charged again by a charging unit that is also powered by the sun.

Solar lights

If you look after your garden it probably looks beautiful and you always have your plants on display. This is easy during the day because when the sun is shining everything will be visible. It doesn’t last long because as soon as it gets dark you can’t see a thing. If you get some solar lights you can stick them in the ground anywhere you want and when the sun disappears you will be able to see your plants in all their glory.

Garden egg chair

It’s nice sitting outside in the garden when it’s hot, but in order to be comfortable you need a nice chair. You can’t keep the chair cushions outside because if it rains they will get soaking wet, so you need to keep them inside and carry them out every time you want to sit down. If you get a garden egg chair you will never need to do that again. Instead, you’ll have something in your garden that looks like an egg and when you open it up you’ll have a lovely, soft chair.

Inflatable pool slide

If you have a swimming pool in your garden you’re very lucky because it can be a lot of fun, but after a while your kids will start to crave a bit more excitement. When they go to the local swimming pool they will get to go on lots of slides and play with inflatable toys. You could make them really happy by getting an inflatable slide pool to use in your garden. It’s nice and soft which means your children won’t get hurt.

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The author of this post, Robin Milton, is a part of the team at The Tree Company, and is one of the efficient arborists there. He has  a keen interest in the latest technology and gadgets and enjoys sharing his ideas via blogging.

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