46 New Features Coming to iOS 7 this Fall

Ok folks, here are two lists of 46 confirmed new features coming to iOS 7 this Fall.

46 New Features Coming to iOS 7 this Fall

iOS 7 features:

Enterprise Single sign-on

Handwriting recognition for for multiple Chinese characters

Improve Mail Search

Streamline MDM enrollment

Phone, Facetime and messaging Blocking

Chinese-English bilingual dictionary

Per App VPN 


Activation lock

Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries

Night Mode for Map

Tencent Weibo

Notification Sync

Smart download of TV episodes 

Long MMS Support

Scan to acquire Passbook passes

Turn-by-Turn walking directions

Map bookmarking syncing

Managed App configuration

Wifi HotSpot 2.0

App Store Volume purchase

46 New Features Coming to iOS 7 this Fall

iOS 7 features for Developers: 

Automatic configuration

Authenticated Game Center players

Bar Code Scanning

Push updates

AirDrop from Activity Sheet

Add to Reading list

3D map view

MFi game controllers

Expanded Bluetooth LE profile 

Guided Access API

Peer-to-peer connectivity

Sprite Kit

Inter-app audio

Map snapshots

Dynamic type size

Ranking-style leaderboards

Background asset download

Secure game scores

Directions API

Custom video compositors


60-fps video capture

New multitasking APIs

Geodesic polylines

Data protetcion by default

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