4 Firefox Add-ons For Finance Enthusiasts

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If you are a dedicated Firefox user, this post is definitely worth a read. The Mozilla Firebox browser has undergone a lot of transformation over the past couple of years. The browser is not only fast and safe, but also has an amazing collection of extensions and themes, bound to take your web experience a note higher. For all you finance enthusiasts out there, here are four Firefox add-ons on finance, which might be of interest to you.

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Stock Twits Firefox Extension

StockTwits is an amazing extension for your Firefox browser that gives you an opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts across a string of financial based websites such as Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, Bing, and Reuters. You can even get real-time stock quotes with social impact. It comes in very handy if you visit twitter.com frequently – it will go on to link all the stock symbols on all twitter tweets. The stock tickers will further connect you to the proper StockTwits page so that you can catch up with messages and ideas from other traders, investors and community members.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a brilliant Firefox extension that comes in extremely handy as a tool for graphing of data. Essentially, it is an extension than allows importation, manipulation, analysis and graphing of data. This is especially useful when you need to sort out or manipulate a product list and sort it out by name or price. These days, most websites have information locked up inside static tables, which are usually in HTML format or on google spreadsheet – so you end up copying the table to excel to get the complete information, statistics, or to make a graph. With this extension, you can avoid this procedure. Simply copy your html table on to this extension, and you’ll get graphs and reports that you need. You can even export your data table from google spreadsheet.


Be it any unit, time zone, or currency that you come across while browsing the web, this fantastic extension for your Firebox browser can help you convert it! This extension is very convenient for shopping in foreign currencies – giving you the best and exact prices. Even when it comes to units or measurements that might show up on a web page, converting it can be a pain. With the help of this extension, you can convert any unit – whether it’s a single measurement or an entire page! Indeed, this is a fantastic application that is handy, easy to use, and could save you a lot of time.


When it comes to personal finance, Firebux has got to be one of the best Firefox add-ons available. Essentially, the firebux is an add-on by www.buxfer.com, a website that helps you manage your personal finances. This add-on can act as your financial hub, since it automatically downloads all your transactions from your banks or your credit card. This way, you can have all your finances managed in one single place, which will in turn make it easier for you to track, analyze and control your spending, make online transactions via Amazon Payments, and keep a track of who owes you money. All in all, a great app that lets you categorize your transactions, create budgets and even gives you real-time alerts on your cellular device!

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