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Posted On December 8, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

Here’s How To Have Fun With Siri

The Guardian has put a list of ten intriguing and funny commands you should try out on Siri. There are as follow: Does Siri Stand For Seriously? 2.Tell Me a Poem 3. Siri, What Airplanes are Flying Over Me Now? 4. Change my Appointment With Dr. Smith From 11 a.m. to 9 a.m.  5. Do You Support Barrack Obama? 6. Beam Me Up! 7. Post to Facebook Walking Dead is Over and I am Depressed 8. Who Let the Dogs Out? 9. Set a 30 Minute Timer or Wakeup AlarmRead More

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Why Apple Bought Twitter Analytics Company Topsy?

Apple  reportedly made one of their most peculiar purchase yet with the acquisition of Twitter analytics company Topsy for reported $200m. “Topsy, founded in 2007, has created a complete searchable archive of 450 billion tweets sent over Twitter since it was set up, and added other analytics tools to make itself useful to businesses – who can buy pro services in order to tailor their social efforts,” according to a report from the Guardian. Writing for Forbes – Jeff Bercovici highlights several possibilities on how this deal will benefit Apple in the future:Read More
Apple has enabled users to get more out of their iPhones by posting a new Tips and Tricks web pages for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 4S. Some of the key features highlighted include: Burst mode Capture multiple shots of the action — for as long as you hold down the button — by snapping 10 photos per second. And real-time analysis suggests the best photos of the bunch. Spotlight search To open Spotlight search, swipe down from anywhere on the Home screen — such as the middle.Read More
All You Need to Know About Apple’s iPhone 5S Touch ID; Forget the FUD Reports Apple has just launched the biometric revolutions in smartphone with it’s the Touch ID functionality. Yes, I can hear many of you saying, “but  my Motorola Atrix and/or my HP computer had that first.” My reply to that is – “So What.” Where are those products now. It’s not about who launches it first, it’s all about who does it better. That’s what really matters to consumers. And based on Apple’s track record (Siri and MapsRead More

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Apple Hiring Speech Team in Boston to Work on Siri

According to a new report by Xconomy (via AppleInsider) Apple has assembled a small team of reputable names in speech technology to work on improving its Virtual Assistant – Siri. The report states that industry sources were unable to confirm exactly what the team is working on. However, online job profiles indicate Siri is the likely project. “They won’t tell us what they’re doing,” Jim Glass, heads MIT’s Spoken Language Systems Group is reported to have said. “We can only guess.” “Fittingly, the current Boston-area Apple speech team all onceRead More
    9to5Mac (via 9to5Mac reader RY) that Siri is now asking users to teach it the proper pronunciations of names in your contact. Previously, users had to add names in the phonetic spelling section in their Contacts settings to help Siri with her pronunciations. However, in iOS 7 Beta 1 – Siri will ask the user for assistance in pronouncing a name if it has trouble understanding you the first time you pronounce a name, the report explains. “In addition, we have found that you can simply say, “That’s not how youRead More
stanford apple store
TechCrunch has published of Apple new Retail Store in the Stanford shopping center. This new store will be close to a Microsoft store in the same shopping center. Billy Gallagher: Whether for pure dollars and cents or for appearances (maybe both), Apple has been very aggressive in Palo Alto in the past couple of years. The company had a very nice store on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto; in October 2012, they moved down the street to an even bigger, more prominent location. Now, this new store in theRead More
Apple to Team Up With Yahoo to Bring More Features to Siri: Apple and Yahoo are reportedly in talks to bring deeper integration of Yahoo’s services such as sports, news and finance to iOS and Siri.   According to a report from TheNextWeb (via The Wall Street Journal), Apple and Yahoo are reportedly in talks to bring deeper integration of Yahoo’s services such as sports, news and finance to iOS and Siri in particular. Over the last few years Apple has removed Google’s services such as Maps and YouTube as default optionsRead More
Apple Expected to Release an Ultra HD iTV; Mass Production could be an Issue Yep, this rumor that won’t go away. Digitimes is now reporting that Apple is reportedly continuing to develop a TV rumored full-fledged, which is likely to feature Ultra HD (3840 by 2160), Siri, motion control functions and Internet connectivity. This information came courtesy of industry supply chain sources, according to the report. We have reported that Apple to launch a full-fledged TV set in time Christmas based on information from a reliable source. “Apple and Foxconn Electronics have been in discussionsRead More
A Microsoft blog post by  Steve Clayton highlights that the company has some great visions for the future. However, this is what Microsoft appears to do best at the moment – produce concept videos. On the other hands, competitors such as Google and Apple continue to innovate and ship products e.g Google Glass. Here is Microsoft’s TellMe concept video:   And here is Apple’s Siri:    In his post – Step inside the Microsoft Envisioning Center, Steve Clayton had this to say:  [quote] When dramatic technology changes are on the horizon, just describingRead More
Today, Samsung Electronics Co. announced that it is bringing Four-Door Refrigerator featuring a the featuring the industry’s first-ever automatic sparkling water dispenser market. Samsung will be collaborating with SodaStream to bring you this innovated feature, according to the press release. Apple’s Siri will find this news very exciting. Remember WWDC 2012! Check out the joke at the 1 minute mark  According to the press release: [quote] Get the premium taste of fresh, crisp sparkling water right to the kitchen with the Samsung RF31FMESBSR 36” Four-Door Refrigerator featuring the industry’s first-everRead More

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Leslie Feinzaig: The Commercial Birth of Natural Computing

Leslie Feinzaig: The Commercial Birth of Natural Computing Leslie Feinzaig, Senior Product Manager, Kinect for Windows: [quote] The future of the natural computing category is to reach end-users directly, fundamentally changing everyday interactions with technology. Imagine walking by a storefront window and having an avatar mirror your every move, talking to your next-gen TV with the same tone and sentence structure you would use with a friend, or improving your tennis swing with an immersive simulation tool. If you are reading this and wonder what the future of natural computingRead More