Wondershare TidyMyMusic For Mac Review

  • February 26, 2014

If you’re like me and fancy yourself to be a closet DJ, then having a well organized iTunes library is a must. I love my music, but with a library of over 4000 songs, I struggle to keep things nice and tidy until now – thanks to TidyMyMusic.

What is it?

Wondershare website boasted that TidyMyMusic (Mac):

  • Is an all-in-one solution which uses sophisticated acoustic fingerprint technology to accurately find and add artist name, song name, album art, genre info and more. You can even download and view song lyrics and weed out duplicate tracks.
  • Replace labels like “unknown artist” and “Track 01” to complete song names and artist information.
  • It finds and downloads album art so your library looks its best.
  •  It downloads song lyrics for instant viewing.
  • It automatically identifies duplicates and it’s up to you to choose which one to stay and which has to go. And you can keep both if you like.
  • Retrieves information or ID3 tag, including track details, album arts and lyrics, is embedded to the MP3 file itself. So you can sync all the information with the MP3 file to other devices like your iPod, iPad, iPhone and much more.


Now, those are pretty nifty features, but does TidyMyMusic lives up to this hype?

Let’s find out.


Installing the app is pretty straightforward. TidyMyMusic is only available on Mac OS X 10.6 and higher and iTunes 10.7 and above. On startup, you’re presented with a very simple and intuitive interface. You then have the option to scan your iTunes library or a Music folder on your Mac. The software allows users to: Search for unidentified songs, or/and Search for duplicated songs.

TidyMyMusic took under five minutes to scan my iTunes library of over 4,000 songs. The identification process (I checked the unidentified and duplicated songs box) took about 0ne hour and thirty minutes. Of course, these times are largely dependent on the Mac you’re using. I was using a mid-range iMac released in mid 2010.


TidyMyMusic largely delivers on its promise. I found that the software was able to identify duplicate songs, download missing artwork (more on this later) and did a great job of identifying and finding lyrics of most tracks.

Nevertheless, there are a few aspects of the software that I found annoying. In some instance, TidyMyMusic replaced the artworks of my songs, which wasn’t very helpful. As a result, I would suggest only using the software for identifying tracks that need it and not your whole iTunes library. I would recommend creating a playlist of songs in iTunes with missing artworks and other information. You can then scan this playlist using TidyMyMusic. In this case, you will avoid having genuine information replace with something else.

To wrap up, TidyMyMusic is a very solid software that’s worth a try. It will definitely make your music collection a lot more organized. TidyMyMac Version: 1.0.0 is currently selling for $39.00 (approximately £23.86). You can also Try it Free.

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