Will The iPhone 5 Help Apple Catch Android?

iPhone 5

Recently, the market has been seeing an uptake in the sale of Android based smartphones. Of course, this was all before the revelation of the iPhone 5. There were lots of speculations that the increase uptake of Android smartphones was based on people holding out for the newest Apple release. Its now a case of how much market share Apple can claw back with the release of the iPhone 5.

Regardless, there are areas in which Apple needed to catch up in order to get a hold back on the market, and so far, some of those changes have been made, but they may still have some ground to cover.


The first thing that was really keeping Apple back in the market is the overall screen size of the phone. With the advanced use of games and streaming apps for entertainment like Hulu, Netflix, and even televisionproviders like DirecTV, users are demanding larger screens to optimize this experience. The iPhone 5  has a much larger screen than its predecessor, so in this regard it did take a step forward. However, most Android smartphones already have larger screens, hence Apple is just pulling even.


Apple also finally released a phone with 4G capabilities. This technology has been around for 2 years, and Apple is finally utilizing it with the iPhone 5. Again, a lot of Android based smartphones have been taking advantage of this capability for some time now, and Apple is finally getting into the game. Of course a lot of the performance is going to depend on the service from the providers like Verizons 4GLTE and the rest, but it is still about time the Apple makes a device able to take advantage of the technology.


Apple does still have a distinguished advantage in the hardware department with its ease of use, that only got better and faster with this newest release. In this aspect Android is playing catch up, and the Android based system is slowly getting better with its user interface. That is the one area the Apple hasn’t had to make improvements in, but soon we will see the effectiveness of these other changes.


In the end, the Apple iPhone 5 is definitely an improvement over the last model, but there is still room to grow. Most features only brought it up to the Android level with no sign of them trying to pass Android up. These changes will influence buyers to get the new phone, and of course Apple fanatics will soon jump on, but it doesn’t seem it will be enough to propel Apple to the top. Time will tell, though, and Apple always has a way of staying very competitive in the mobile tech department.


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